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Literature and Education

About the Series

The aim of the Routledge Literature & Education series is to address the multiple ways in which education and literature interact. Numerous texts exist that deal with literary issues for educational purposes, serving the schools and higher education markets. Within the academic field of educational studies, there are works on the value of literature for moral formation or for the broader humanistic development of students of all ages. Within literary studies, there is a range of works that discuss the ways in which authors, texts or literary movements address educational themes. However, comparatively little has been written that specifically explores the complex notions of how literary texts function educatively, or what happens to them once they are brought into educational spaces and used for educational purposes. Additionally, limited attention has been paid explicitly to the ways in which literature can be a resource for educational thought or can nurture and inspire educational change.

This series provides a space for these issues to be explored. It presents scholarship working at the intersection of literary and educational studies and seeks to define an important and emerging area of interdisciplinary enquiry. Titles in this series engage in significant ways with what happens when an intermediate space opens up between the study of literature and the study of education. The series proposes a broad understanding of literature and education that is not bound by particular national, pedagogical or political contexts, and titles address one or more of the following themes:

     1. Literature as education

This theme connects discussions within educational studies and literary studies about the extent to which literature can or ought to be considered as educational. 

     2. The co-construction of literature and education

This theme addresses the various ways that the fields of literature and education have historically, theoretically and imaginatively served to co-construct one another, for example the relation of the literary canon to the literary curriculum, and the formation of literature as a school and university subject.   

     3. What literature can teach us about education 

This theme addresses the ways that educational questions have been explored by different writers, literary movements and genres, drawing on the combined theoretical and interpretive resources of literary and educational studies.

For more information about the series, or to submit a book proposal, please contact Andrew Green (Andrew.G[email protected]) and David Aldridge ([email protected]).

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The New Newbolt Report One Hundred Years of Teaching English in England

The New Newbolt Report: One Hundred Years of Teaching English in England

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Green
May 31, 2023

This book offers a pivotal re-evaluation of English teaching one century on from The Newbolt Report of 1921, responding to this seminal work and exploring its impact on issues and contemporary aims of English teaching today. Bringing together a range of experts in English higher education, the book...

Shakespeare, Education and Pedagogy Representations, Interactions and Adaptations

Shakespeare, Education and Pedagogy: Representations, Interactions and Adaptations

1st Edition

Edited By Pamela Bickley, Jenny Stevens
March 31, 2023

This volume captures the diverse ways in which Shakespeare interacts with educational theory and practice. It explores the depiction of learning and education in the plays, the role of Shakespeare as pedagogue, and ways in which the teaching of Shakespeare can facilitate discussion of some of the ...

A Philosophical Inquiry into Subject English and Creative Writing

A Philosophical Inquiry into Subject English and Creative Writing

1st Edition

By Oli Belas
November 22, 2022

While engaging with the current political-educational climate of England, this book offers a timely contribution to debates around questions of knowledge in relation to education and school-level English by drawing together theories of individual and disciplinary knowledge. The book provides a ...

James Joyce and Education Schooling and the Social Imaginary in the Modernist Novel

James Joyce and Education: Schooling and the Social Imaginary in the Modernist Novel

1st Edition

By Len Platt
August 29, 2022

James Joyce and Education is the first full-length study of education across the Joyce oeuvre. A new account of how the politics and aesthetics of the Joyce text is informed by historical contexts, it is the latest contribution to the growing contemporary debate about education, late modernism and ...

Literature and Understanding The Value of a Close Reading of Literary Texts

Literature and Understanding: The Value of a Close Reading of Literary Texts

1st Edition

By Jon Phelan
April 29, 2022

Literature and Understanding investigates the cognitive gain from literature by focussing on a reader’s close analysis of a literary text. It examines the meaning of ‘literature’, outlines the most prominent positions in the literary cognitivism debate, explores the practice of close reading from a...

Literature, Videogames and Learning

Literature, Videogames and Learning

1st Edition

By Andrew Burn
July 20, 2021

This innovative book explores links between literature and videogames, and how designing and playing games can transform our understanding of literature. It shows how studying literature through the lens of videogames can provide new insights into narrative and creative engagement with the text. ...

George Orwell and Education Learning, Commitment and Human Dependency

George Orwell and Education: Learning, Commitment and Human Dependency

1st Edition

By Christopher Hanley
October 10, 2019

George Orwell and Education uses Orwell’s life and works to address current educational questions. His early life, political awakening and artistic development are key elements in the book’s presentation of Orwell himself as a learner, and as someone whose ideas continue to speak to contemporary ...

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