1st Edition

Loving Your Job in Special Education 50 Tips and Tools

By Rachel R. Jorgensen Copyright 2023
    218 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    218 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    218 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Burnout runs rampant in education, particularly in the field of special education, and has only increased with the rise of virtual and remote learning. This book compiles 50 evidence-based strategies and practices to help special educators enjoy their work for the long haul. You’ll discover new ways to work with families, manage your classroom, teach in culturally responsive ways, and prioritize self-care. Each chapter includes an opening vignette, key themes supported by research, and five reproducible tools to put into immediate practice. With strategies and tools to ensure classroom fun and satisfaction, this book reminds special education teachers of the life-changing work they do every day and is essential for teachers of any level.

    Introduction  1. Lasting Rewards  2. Let Go of Perfection  Chapter 3. Special-Educator Self-Care  4. Effective Decision-Making   5. Solace in Collaboration  6. Wise Advocacy  7. Culturally Responsive Special Education  8. ConnectingWith Families  9. The Classroom Management Adventure  10. Gratitude, Acceptance, and Purpose


    Rachel R. Jorgensen is a special educator, college professor, and educational writer with a special interest in empowering learners with special needs. She has spent nearly 20 years in the special education classroom and continues to enjoy her daily work with her students.

    'This book covers an extremely important topic in today's world, the burnout of teachers. As a special education teacher myself I know all too well how burnout happens and what it looks like. But just like Rachel, I love my job! I am glad someone has taken the time to write about the good side of teaching special education. This is a resource that I will be returning to many times in the future.'

    Laura Ahrendt, M.Ed, Special Education Teacher

    'I appreciate the practical application activities that help me process the important suggestions in this book and use them in my personal situation as a special education teacher. Reading this book has actually made me reconsider my retirement plans because it has reminded me how much I love my work with students.'

    Lori Axvig, M.Ed, Special Education Teacher 

    'What a wonderful book! Loving Your Job in Special Education should be essential reading in all college programs that prepare teachers in Special Education. As a ten-year veteran of Special Education, reading this book and implementing the techniques has rekindled my passion for my career.'

    Pat Budnick, M.Ed, Special Education Teacher

    'This book was extremely helpful for me and I am recommending it to my colleagues! I particularly appreciated the strategies to balance loving our students and loving ourselves. This book is full of useful information and tips which will improve the way I work with students.'

    Melanie Sillanpa, M.Ed, School Psychologist

    'Rachel's deep passion for special education and her practical approach are the perfect ingredients for this important topic. Long-time special educators or those who are newer to the field will benefit from her beautiful encouragement and user-friendly strategies. As I think about educators who have left the field, I can only wish they would have had access to such a book.'

    Dr. Katie Bonawitz, Special Education Program Director