1st Edition

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery for Emphysema

    Considering the epidemiology of COPD, this title collects all available knowledge on the subject, featuring data on the national emphysema treatment trial. It explores the epidemiology of emphysema, the management of complications and surgical controversies in lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema (LVRS).

    Epidemiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Robert A. Wise; Pathology of Emphysema, James C. Hogg; Physiology of Airflow Limitation in Emphysema, Joseph R. Rodarte; Cardiovascular Effects of Emphysema and Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Steven M. Scharf, Ira Weg and Cesar Keller; Medical Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Emphysema, Bartolome R. Celli; Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Andrew L. Ries; Evaluation of Patients Considering Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, John J. Reilly Jr ; Radiological Evaluation for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Ella Kazerooni; The Interface of Lung Volume Reduction Surgery and Lung Transplantation, Jonathan B. Orens; Anaesthetic Considerations for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Philip M. Hartigan and Simon C. Body; Technique of Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Median Sternotomy Joseph B. Shrager and Larry R. Kaiser; Thoracoscopic Approach for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Robert J. McKenna Jr; Perioperative Complications and Their Management, K. Robert Shen and Scott J. Swanson; Surgical Controversies, John Roberts; Bullectomy, Lambros Zellos; Outcomes Following LVRS, Fernando Martinez; Mechanisms of Improvement, Noah Lechtzin and Henry Fessler; Unique Patient Applications, Francis Cordova and Gerard Criner, Financial Aspects of Emphysema and LVRS, Scott Ramsey, Todd Lee and Sean Sullivan; Not the Final Chapter - The National Emphysema Treatment Trial, Gail Weinmann and Alfred Fishman.


    Henry E. Fessler, Jr. Reilly, David Sugarbaker

    "…This book is a gem….the book is worth the investment as a key historical document and reference source."
    -The New England Journal of Medicine