1st Edition

Making College Courses Flexible Supporting Student Success Across Multiple Learning Modalities

By Kevin Kelly Copyright 2024
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Addressing students’ increasing demand for flexibility in how they complete college courses, this book prepares practitioners to create equivalent learning experiences for students in the classroom and those learning from home, synchronously or asynchronously. 

    Combining evidence-based strategies and implementation stories shared by veteran practitioners, Kevin Kelly has created a guide for educators who want to offer a more flexible and equitable path to learner success. Chapters address emerging challenges related to teaching, learning, and managing technology, and give recommendations for supporting students in courses that combine two or more participation modalities. Written for busy professionals, readers will be able to quickly identify where to focus their attention and how to put these ideas into practice. 

    Filled with impactful teaching techniques, lessons learned, and immediately applicable exercises, this resource is a powerful tool for creating course experiences that support every student.

    Part 1: Making Course Structure Flexible  1.0. Overview  1.1. Preparing Courses for Flexibility  1.2. Preparing Students for Flexibility  1.3. Preparing Environments for Flexibility  1.4. Part 1 Take Action  Part 2: Making Assessment Flexible  2.0 Overview  2.1. Creating Flexible Assessment Pathways  2.2. Supporting Learners With Flexible Assessments  2.3. Managing Flexible Assessment Environments  2.4. Part 2 Take Action  Part 3: Making Engagement Flexible  3.0 Overview  3.1. Creating Flexible Engagement Pathways  3.2. Supporting Learners With Flexible Engagement  3.3. Managing Flexible Engagement Environments  3.4. Part 3 Take Action  Part 4: Making Content Review Flexible  4.0 Overview  4.1. Creating Flexible Content Review Pathways  4.2. Supporting Learners With Flexible Content Review  4.3. Managing Flexible Content Review Environments  4.4. Part 4 Take Action Summary: Putting it all Together


    Kevin Kelly is an educational consultant and lecturer at San Francisco State University, USA.

    Dr. Kevin Kelly's Making College Courses Flexible is an indispensable guide for educators at every stage of their professional journey. It not only offers insightful guidance on outcomes and assessments for novice instructors, but it also serves as a roadmap for seasoned leaders looking to enhance course design, equity, and engagement. With its inspiring models and real-world applications, this book is a must-read for faculty, academic support staff and institutions dedicated to creating dynamic, student-centered learning experiences. 

    Marina Aminy, Executive Director, California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative; Associate Vice Chancellor, Foothill-De Anza Community College District, USA


    Making College Courses Flexible by Dr. Kevin Kelly is like having a knowledgeable and friendly colleague share invaluable insights on melding theory and innovative practice to forge inclusive, flexible learning. It demystifies digital education, promotes equitable learning, and serves as a catalyst for transformative dialogue and action in diverse instructional contexts. A must-read for educators seeking a balanced, impactful approach to contemporary teaching.

    Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer, Online Learning Consortium, USA

    Finally– a resource I can share to further encourage clients to practice flexibility in teaching to aid student (& especially diverse student) success! Dr. Kelly walks the reader through exactly what flexibility means and more importantly HOW to do it. I am additionally overjoyed and grateful for the case studies Dr. Kelly includes which bring to light 1) real world examples of flexibility and 2) the often unsung contributions faculty of color make to teaching.

    Chavella Pittman, Professor of Sociology, Dominican University; Founder, Effective & Efficient Faculty (a faculty development company), USA

    This resourcefully crafted book, grounded in research, delves into the art of flexible course design. With a systematic approach, it equips educators with strategies rooted in real-world case studies for creating adaptable learning experiences. From outcomes to assessment, content to technology, it offers comprehensive insights. The 'Take Action' sections provide practical and actionable tips, making it a must-read for anyone committed to enhancing the student learning experience.

    Tina Parscal, Associate Vice Chancellor for CCCOnline and Academic Affairs, Colorado Community College System, USA

    A must-have primer for instructional designers, instructors, and administrators interested in improving flexibility and learner success across varied learning modalities. You can start at the beginning and work your way through, or select a chapter to target a specific area to improve. The chapters are full of examples, case-stories, checklists, suggestions, and follow-up activities to guide improvements and apply key concepts aimed to enhance flexibility in your learning outcomes, assessments, engagement, content, and instruction.  

    Alexandra M. Pickett, Director, Online Teaching, SUNY Online, USA

    Kevin Kelly is an expert at hybrid flexible (HyFlex) learning. His book brilliantly demonstrates how to actively transform teaching and learning by using the principles of HyFlex course design. I especially appreciate his focus on active engagement, learner autonomy, and accessibility within the flexible classroom. This is a must-read for all faculty, staff, and higher education administrators interested in a flexible future.

    Gina Riley, Program Director, Faculty Advisor, and Clinical Professor of Special Education, CUNY - Hunter College, USA

    "As demands for accessibility and flexibility continue to rise, Kelly's work serves as a beacon, illuminating a path toward a more equitable and learner-centered approach. Educators who are willing to reimagine their teaching practices will find this book a transformative guide in fostering a learning environment where every student could thrive."

    Stacy Ybarra Evans, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, Our Lady of the Lake University, USA