1st Edition

Making an Impact on School Bullying Interventions and Recommendations

Edited By Peter Smith Copyright 2020
    238 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    238 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Exploring international and intercultural perspectives, Making an Impact on School Bullying presents a much-needed insight into the serious problem of bullying in schools. As the effect of bullying on victims can be devastating, and bystanders and even perpetrators are often also negatively affected by the experience, finding successful solutions to the problem of bullying is crucial for improving school life around the world.

    This invaluable book looks at a range of practical interventions that have addressed the problem of school bullying. Peter Smith presents a curated collection of seven examples of successful anti-bullying procedures from around the world - including the US, Europe and Asia - and an exploration of cyberbullying. Each chapter examines the context in which the interventions took place, how theoretical knowledge transferred into practice, and the impact and legacy of the work. Covering the most important and widely-used strategies to combat bullying, the book provides readers with a roadmap to developing practical and impactful interventions.

    Ideal reading for students and researchers of education and developmental psychology, Making an Impact on School Bullying is also useful for school counsellors and education authorities.


    Series Editor Foreword

    Graham Davey

    1. Introduction

    Peter K. Smith

    2. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP): New Evaluations and Current Status

    Dan Olweus and Susan P. Limber

    3. KiVa Anti-Bullying Program

    Miia Sainio, Sanna Herkama, Mari Kontio and Christina Salmivalli

    4. Lessons Learned from the National Implementation and International Dissemination of the ViSC Social Competence Program

    Dagmar Strohmeier and Christiane Spiel

    5. Anti-Bullying Programs in the United States: What Works and What Doesn’t?

    Dorothy L. Espelage, Jun Sung Hong, Alberto Valido and Jeoung Min Lee

    6. Ways to Reduce Offline and Online Bullying in Schools: Interventions That Work

    Amy Barnes, Natasha Pearce, Erin Erceg, Kevin Runions, Patricia Cardoso, Leanne Lesterm Juli Coffin and Donna Cross

    7. Ijime Prevention Programs in Japan

    Yuichi Toda

    8. Peer Support and the Pupil’s Voice

    Valentina Zambuto, Benedetta E. Palladino, Annalaura Nocentini and Ersilia Menesini

    9. Specific Interventions against Cyberbullying

    Marilyn Campbell

    10. Conclusions: Different Levels of Challenge in Tackling School Bullying

    Peter K. Smith


    Peter K. Smith is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the Unit for School and Family Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. In 2015 he was awarded the William Thierry Preyer Award for Excellence in Research on Human Development from the European Association of Developmental Psychology.

    "Making an Impact on School Bullying brings together in one volume an overview of a wide range of international programmes to address bullying in schools, written by leading researchers and programme designers from across the world. Each chapter provides a research-informed summary of the intervention and its impact, allowing the reader to gain valuable insights into successes to date and the remaining challenges for researchers and practitioners. An invaluable and timely collection!" - Dr Noel Purdy, Director of Research & Scholarship, Stranmillis University College, Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK).

    "I am delighted to welcome this up-to-date and wide-ranging book on anti-bullying programmes in different countries. The most famous programmes are reviewed, including the Olweus programme in Norway, KiVa in Finland, ViSC in Austria, NoTrap! In Italy, Friendly Schools in Australia and Steps to Respect in the USA. In addition, this book addresses the prevention of ijime in Japan and interventions against cyberbullying. The good news is that bullying can be prevented! This book can be confidently recommended to all researchers, practitioners and policy makers who are interested in reducing bullying and cyberbullying in different countries." - David P. Farrington, Emeritus Professor of Psychological Criminology, University of Cambridge

    "This thorough but easily attainable overview of some of the most well-known and successful bullying interventions provides a comprehensive and updated knowledgebase. Apart from describing the different methods success it also focuses on the challenges encountered and the lessons learnt. This is an unusual but extremely helpful approach that enhances the readers' understanding of the field. This book is the ideal reading for anyone interested in the field of bullying interventions and it makes an important stepping stone for the next generation of anti-bullying work." - Ann Frisén, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.