1st Edition

Maladjusted Boys (RLE Edu M)

By Otto Shaw Copyright 1965
    6 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    Written by the founder of a pioneering establishment for disruptive boys who had been excluded from mainstream schools and in some cases turned to crime, this book discusses the methods and reasons for success of Red Hill School. It also discusses the causes of disruptive or obsessive behaviour and emphasizes how the therapeutic work of Red Hill has helped the pupils involved to adjust socially and psychologically so that they go on to find personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

    Foreword. 1. The Background. 2. Discipline, Courts, Committees. 3. Traditions and Vocations. 4. Relationships. 5. The Home and Different Types of Maladjustment. 6. The Delinquent Child. 7. The Obsessional Child. 8. Truancy and School Phobia. 9. Good and Bad Parents. 10. Staff and Public Relations. 11. Religion, Sex, Mass Media. Appendix.


    Otto Shaw