1st Edition

Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations Adopt, Abandon or Adapt?

    488 Pages
    by Routledge

    488 Pages
    by Routledge

    Innovations in management are becoming more numerous and diverse, and are appearing in organizations providing many different kinds of products and services. The purpose of this book is to examine whether some widely-promoted examples of these management innovations – ranging from techniques such as Kaizen to styles of leadership and the management of learning – can usefully be applied to organizations which provide healthcare, and applied in different kinds of health systems. Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations is distinctive in selecting a wide and diverse range and selection of managerial innovations to examine. No less distinctively, it makes an adaptive, critical scrutiny of these innovations. Neither evangelist nor nihilist, the book instead considers how these innovations might be adapted for the specific task of providing healthcare. Where evidence on these points is available, the book outlines that too. Consequently the book takes an international approach, with contributions from Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America. Each contributor is an expert in the management innovation which they present. This combination of features makes the book unique.

    Part 1: Background and Introduction 1. The Relevance of Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations Anders Örtenblad, Carina Abrahamson Löfström and Rod Sheaff 2. Healthcare Organizations and Managerial Innovations in an International Perspective Rod Sheaff, Carina Abrahamson Löfström and Anders Örtenblad Part 2: Examining Management Innovations 3. 360-Degree Feedback in Healthcare Organizations Joan F. Miller 4. Accreditation and Other External Evaluations of Quality and Safety of Care and Services: Innovations for Improvement? Marie-Pascale Pomey 5. The Balanced Scorecard in Healthcare Organizations Elin Funck 6. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in Healthcare Organizations Anjali Patwardhan, Dhruv Patwardhan and Prakash Patwardhan 7. Consensus as a Management Strategy for Healthcare Organizations: Culture, Involvement and Commitment Marie Carney 8. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Healthcare Organizations Sherif Tehemar 9. Decentralizing Healthcare Mark Exworthy and Martin Powell 10. Empowerment in Healthcare Organizations Nelson Ositadimma Oranye and Nora Ahmad 11. Kaizen in Healthcare Organizations Mark Graban 12. Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations Nilmini Wickramasinghe and Raj Gururajan 13. Lean Healthcare – What is the Contribution to Quality of Care? Bozena Poksinska 14. Learning Organizations: Panacea or Irrelevance? Rod Sheaff 15. Management by Objectives (MBO) in Healthcare Organizations Then and Now: A Literature Overview of MBO Limitations and Perspectives in the Healthcare Sector Grigorios L. Kyriakopoulos 16. New Public Management in Healthcare Organizations Dawid Sześciło 17. Servant Leadership in Healthcare Organizations Jack McCann 18. Shared Leadership in Healthcare Organizations D. David Persaud 19. Six Sigma Applicability and Implementation in Healthcare Jacob Krive 20. Sustainability in Healthcare Organizations Tony Huzzard, Andreas Hellström and Svante Lifvergren 21. Teamwork in Healthcare Organizations Jan Schmutz, Annalena Welp and Michaela Kolbe 22. Total Quality Management in Healthcare Ali Mohammad Mosadeghrad and Ewan Ferlie 23. Transformational Leadership in Healthcare Organizations Bettina Fiery 24. Value-based Healthcare: Utopian Vision or Fit for Purpose Thomas Garavan and Gerri Matthews-Smith Part 3: Conclusions and Future Research 25. Should Healthcare Organizations Adopt, Abandon, or Adapt Management Innovations? Carina Abrahamson Löfström, Anders Örtenblad and Rod Sheaff


    Anders Örtenblad is a Professor of Organization and Leadership at the University of Nordland, Bodø, Norway.

    Carina Abrahamson Löfström is a Researcher at The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities, Sweden.

    Rod Sheaff is Professor of Health Services Research at Plymouth University, UK.

     "This book executes on a remarkably good idea: reviewing the usefulness for healthcare delivery organizations of popular management techniques and innovations. By inviting leading organizational researchers to write chapters on individual topics, the editors have compiled a truly useful handbook of relevant research for healthcare leaders. Each chapter provides a clear and well-researched description of a particular management innovation before examining its fit with healthcare. The resulting volume is both thorough and useful."Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard Business School

    "This is a text that effectively brings together current healthcare issues, leadership theories, strategies and concerns."Leslie King, Franklin University

    "In today’s complex and fast-paced healthcare environment, managers need a resource that helps to challenge and redefine current thinking and to encourage innovative solutions to some of health’s wicked problems. Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations: Adopt, Abandon or Adapt? is a timely text for all healthcare managers and leaders to encourage critical reflection on change and innovation. With recent major Inquires into health system failures pointing to healthcare organizations taking their focus off of the patient, it is indeed pleasing to see chapters emphasizing values-based healthcare, servant leadership, corporate social responsibility, decentralized healthcare and empowerment in healthcare organisations. Managers need constant challenges to improve practice and systems and this book provides that challenge. A must-have for every health managers library."Gary E Day, Griffith University

    "This long-awaited book excellently investigates the usability of various management fashions for the health care sector and will doubtlessly appeal to both scholars and practitioners." –Eric Abrahamson, Columbia University, USA