3rd Edition

Management and Supervision for Working Professionals, Third Edition, Volume I

By Herman Koren Copyright 1995

    With this book, you can earn credits toward management certification programs. Credits are approved by various state and national accreditation groups from all over the United States, from Alaska to New York. Call 1-800-234-1639 for more information!
    The practical set of methods and tools contained in the two volumes of Management and Supervision for Working Professionals provides the reader with the knowledge and means to become an effective manager or supervisor. Volume I emphasizes organizational structure, planning, and leadership, while Volume II emphasizes communication, instruction, and daily management responsibilities such as performance ratings, unions, and health and safety.

    The Organization and its Structure
    What is Leadership?
    What is Successful Supervision and Management
    Planning, Organization, and Budgeting
    Employee Selection and People Management
    Understanding Human Behavior
    Firm but Fair - How to Deal with People
    The Supervisor as a Counselor


    Koren\, Herman