1st Edition

Management and Technological Challenges in the Digital Age

Edited By Pedro Novo Melo, Carolina Machado Copyright 2018
    226 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Businesses operate amid a digital age, and unsurprisingly, technology has engendered tools that now predominate all corners of the workplace. The ascendancy of new hardware and software poses new challenges for professionals in the field of management and human resources as corporations and companies routinely implement and incorporate digital software for goals such as improving worker productivity and tasks such as screening highly qualified candidates for vacancies. In the face of rapid change, professionals must investigate how the use of digital technology affects the culture of hiring processes, employee morale, company management, and corporate image. This book aims to promote research related to these new trends and open a new field within the areas of management and engineering. Through the course of nine chapters, contributors to Management and Technological Challenges in the Digital Age grapple with the theoretical and practical implications that technological usage carries across the range of small and large organizations in the world of business.

    • Focuses on the latest research findings that are occurring in this field in different countries
    • Shows how companies around the world are facing today's technological challenges
    • Shares knowledge and insights on an international scale
    • Keeps the readers and researchers informed about the latest developments in the field and forthcoming international studies
    • Explains how the use of technology allows management to take a more strategic role in organizations

    This book affords a thorough engagement with the progresses and setbacks made through the enlistment of technological equipment and computerized procedures in the field of human resources and management while interrogating the future challenges of technology’s role.

    Chapter 1 - Human Resource Management in the Digital Age: Big Data, HR Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

    Mark L. Lengnick-Hall, Andrea R. Neely and Christopher B. Stone

    Chapter 2 - Value Co-Creation Opportunities: Managerial Transformation of Digitisation Risks into Success Factors

    Katja Rantala and Heikki Karjaluoto

    Chapter 3 – "Video Killed The F2F-Interview Star": A Mixed-Method Study Into The Effect Of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews As A Selection Tool

    Tanya Bondarouk, Huub Ruël and Bart ter Harmsel

    Chapter 4 - Exploring the Uses and Gratifications of Digital Tools as Knowledge Transfer Mediums in Organizations

    Laura Zapata-Cantú, Teresa Treviño, Flor Morton and José Luis Pineda

    Chapter 5 - Integrating Digital Transformation Strategies into Firms: Values, Routes and Best Practice Examples

    Mirjana Pejić Bach, Mario Spremić and Dalia Suša Vugec

    Chapter 6 - Fostering Intellectual Capital: Management Information Systems in Digital Age

    Mine Afacan Findikli and Mustafa Sundu

    Chapter 7 - Content Strategies in the era of digital marketing

    Xabier Martínez-Rolán and Teresa Piñeiro-Otero

    Chapter 8 - CEO Sociability on Twitter: Findings of Fortune 500 CEOs

    Nihat Erdoğmuş and Emel Esen

    Chapter 9 - Mutual Relationship of Human Resource Management and Technology

    Carolina F. Machado and Sona Hovhannisyan


    Pedro Novo Melo is an Invited Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, where he lectures courses of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. He has a Master degree in Human Resource Management and a PhD in Business Sciences from University of Minho. His main areas of interest are organizational behavior, human resource practices, and its relationship with the technology, with special emphasis on SMEs. In recent years, Dr. Melo has focused his studies on the characterization and development of HRM in Portugal.

    Carolina Machado received her PhD degree in Management Sciences (Organizational and Politics Management area / Human Resources Management) from the University of Minho in 1999, and has a Master degree in Management (Strategic Human Resource Management) from Technical University of Lisbon in 1994. Teaching in the Human Resources Management subjects since 1989 at University of Minho, Dr. Machado has been an Associated Professor since 2004, with experience and research interest areas in the fields of Human Resource Management, International Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Enterprises, Training and Development, Management Change and Knowledge Management. She is Head of Human Resources Management Work Group at University of Minho, as well as Chief Editor of the International Journal of Applied Management Sciences and Engineering (IJAMSE).