1st Edition

Management of Wastewater and Sludge New Approaches

Edited By Izharul Haq Farooqi, Saif Ullah Khan Copyright 2023
    358 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Management of micropollutants and disinfection of byproducts in municipal wastewater and extraction of energy from the sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants is under constant focus. This book presents a detailed know-how regarding sustainable management of waste produced in municipal and industrial activities through novel state-of-the-art techniques used for the treatment of toxic industrial wastes and municipal wastewater. It deals with the management of municipal sludge and solid waste including leachates produced from landfill sites. It also provides detailed information for achieving the stringent standards set by regulatory bodies for municipal and industrial effluents.


    • Covers development of new novel reactor configurations for wastewater treatment.
    • Describes handling and removal of emerging contaminants like pharmaceutical compounds, endocrine disruptors, and disinfection byproducts.
    • Deliberates combination of wastewater and micropollution.
    • Contains an in-depth discussion on treatment and disposal of fecal sludge.
    • Highlights new economically feasible techniques to enhance biogas recovery from treatment plant sludges.

    This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and energy engineering.

    Chapter 1 An Overview of Developments in Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    Ahmar Khateeb, Hummaid Zafar, and Saif Ullah Khan

    Chapter 2 Introduction to Aerobic Granulation Technology: A Breakthrough in Wastewater Treatment System
    Ghazal Srivastava and Absar Ahmad Kazmi

    Chapter 3 Modified Sequencing Batch Reactors for Wastewater Treatment
    Sakina Bombaywala and Vinay Pratap

    Chapter 4 Zero Liquid Discharge in Industries
    Aiman Malik, Mohd Salim Mahtab, and Izharul Haq Farooqi

    Chapter 5 Advanced Oxidation Processes and Their Applications
    Mohd Salim Mahtab, Izharul Haq Farooqi, Anwar Khursheed, and Mohd Azfar Shaida

    Chapter 6 An Overview Exploring Electrochemical Technologies for Wastewater Treatment
    Saif Ullah Khan, Rahat Alam, and Amir Aslam

    Chapter 7 Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
    Rahat Alam and Saif Ullah Khan

    Chapter 8 Introduction to Micropollutants and Their Sources
    Mohd Azfar Shaida, Soumita Talukdar, Mohd Salim Mahtab, and Izharul Haq Farooqi

    Chapter 9 Effects of Micropollutants on Human Health
    Areeba Aziz and Asad Aziz

    Chapter 10 Biodegradability of Micropollutants in Wastewater and Natural Systems
    Monika Dubey, Bhanu Prakash Vellanki, and Absar Ahmad Kazmi

    Chapter 11 Biodegradation Technology for the Removal of Micropollutants: A Critical Review
    Kaushar Hussain, Nadeem Ahmad Khan, Izharul Haq Farooqi, and Sirajuddin Ahmed

    Chapter 12 The Wholistic Approach for Sewage Sludge Management
    Ashish Dehal, K. Rathika, Bholu Ram Yadav, and A. Ramesh Kumar

    Chapter 13 Enhanced Biogas Production from Treatment Plant Sludges
    Mohd Imran Siddiqui, Izharul Haq Farooqi, Hasan Rameez, and Farrukh Basheer

    Chapter 14 Overview of Thermal Based Pre-Treatment Methods for Enhancing Methane Production of Sewage Sludge
    Gowtham Balasundaram, Pallavi Gahlot, Absar Ahmad Kazmi, and Vinay Kumar Tyagi

    Chapter 15 Management and Disposal of Solid Waste: Practices and Legislations in Different Countries
    Arshad Husain

    Chapter 16 Sources, Characteristics, Treatment Technologies and Disposal Methods for Faecal Sludge
    Gulafshan Tasnim, Mohd Dawood Khan, Izharul Haq Farooqi, and Farrukh Basheer


    Izharul Haq Farooqi has been working in the environmental engineering field for the past 32 years. His areas of specialization are water and wastewater treatment including biological treatment, biodegradation of toxic waste, and corrosion control. Moreover, he has mobilized consultancy for the department, has established a state-of-the-art advanced environmental engineering laboratory through research projects, and has been an expert member of various national bodies. Dr. Farooqi has supervised six Ph.D. scholars, and another seven are under supervision. Dr. Farooqi has supervised 73 MTech dissertations. Besides, Dr. Farooqi has received six research projects from different organizations. He has published more than a hundred research papers in international/national journals and conferences having citations of more than 2,400 (h-index 26 and i10-index 50) so far uptill now. Apart from this, he has presented research papers in international conferences in the U.S.A., Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, London, and different places in India. He also received a Young Scientist Award from the UP Council of Science and Technology in 2002.

    Saif Ullah Khan has been a member of the faculty of Department of Civil Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University since 2016. He received a B.Tech. in Civil Engineering and M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. He received PhD degree from Aligarh Muslim University in 2019. He was awarded the national-level CSIR Senior Research Fellowship for pursuing his doctoral studies. His field of interest is the treatment of water and wastewater using advanced treatment techniques including nanotechnology, electrochemistry, advanced oxidation, etc. He has been an active researcher and has published more than 35 research papers in national/international journals of repute having citations of more than 1,200 (h-index 16 and i10-index 21) uptill now. He is also a leading reviewer of more than 15 top international journals. Besides, he has been invited for several talks at national as well as international levels. His subjects of interest include environmental engineering, industrial pollution control, hydrology, etc.