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Science and Engineering of Air Pollution and Waste Management

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Environmental issues continue to be a global concern because of their impact on human health.  Therefore, the governments around the world are involved in managing air quality, water quality, and waste in their countries for the welfare of their citizens. The management of air, water, and waste is complex and the procedures to control air quality and water quality, and dispose of waste have been developed over time. The management of air pollution involves understanding air pollution sources; monitoring of contaminants; modeling air quality; performing laboratory experiments; the use of satellite images for quantifying air quality levels; indoor air pollution; and elimination of contaminants through control. Research activities are being performed on every aspect of air and waste throughout the world, in order to respond to public concerns. Aimed at professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students, the proposed series will focus on Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Waste and Land Pollution, Climate Change, Environmetal Law and Policy, Impact assessment and Education, and so forth.

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Management of Wastewater and Sludge New Approaches

Management of Wastewater and Sludge: New Approaches

1st Edition

Edited By Izharul Haq Farooqi, Saif Ullah Khan
May 12, 2023

Management of micropollutants and disinfection of byproducts in municipal wastewater and extraction of energy from the sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants is under constant focus. This book presents a detailed know-how regarding sustainable management of waste produced in municipal and ...

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