2nd Edition

Managing Stress in Secondary Schools A Whole-School Approach for Staff and Students

By Anthony James Copyright 2021
    190 Pages 66 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    190 Pages 66 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Managing Stress in Secondary Schools: A Whole-School Approach for Staff and Students, second edition, introduces a practical stress management programme for use in schools and colleges. Drawing from current theory and evidence-based practice on anxiety, stress and mental health, it offers student lesson plans, plus a staff self-training session, with concrete activities to develop crucial stress management skills in both staff and students.

    The programme provides direct training in stress reduction skills, supported by online resources, designed to fit into timetabled PSHE lessons. Key features of this manual include:

    • Simple and flexible lesson plans that can be performed either at the start of timetabled PSHE lessons or as full stress management lessons on their own.
    • A staff self-training session plan that serves both as preparation for leading lessons with students and facilitates the development of stress management skills among staff.
    • Downloadable audio relaxation recordings.
    • Downloadable handouts to encourage students’ relaxation practice at home.
    • Downloadable PowerPoint slides to guide tuition.

    With lessons covering the causes and effects, as well as strategies on preventing and managing stress, this is an invaluable resource for teachers and other school staff involved in the PSHE curriculum. It would be of particular interest to those supporting students preparing for exams.

    QUICK START GUIDE  SECTION 1 BACKGROUND  CHAPTER 1  Introduction  CHAPTER 2  Why Include Stress Management in Schools?  CHAPTER 3  Student Stress in School  CHAPTER 4  Staff Stress in School  CHAPTER 5  Stress Theory: How Stress Starts  CHAPTER 6  Stress Theory: How Stress Reduces  CHAPTER 7  The Exam Stress Lesson Explained  SECTION 2 TRAINING FOR STAFF AND PUPILS  CHAPTER 8  Staff Self Training  CHAPTER 9  Before Starting Lessons with Students: Basic Preparation  CHAPTER 10  Student Lesson Plans  Some Agencies Offering Help to Children and Young People  Resources  Available to download from www.routledge.com/cw/speechmark  Stress Management Powerpoint Presentation  Audio Relaxation Recordings  List of Lesson Plans  Information for Parents/Carers  Lesson 1 Evaluation Questionnaire  Lesson 9 Evaluation Questionnaire  Lesson 1 Handout  Lesson 2 Handout  Lesson 3 Handout  Lesson 4 Handout  Lesson 5 Handout  Lesson 6 Handout  Lesson 7 Handout  Lesson 8 Handout  Lesson 9 Handout


    Anthony James qualified as an educational psychologist at The University of Sussex, before gaining extensive experience working with children, parents, school staff and a range of professionals in both public and private sectors, from rural communities to inner cities. From the start of his career, Anthony became increasingly aware of a need for support in stress management among students and school staff. He subsequently developed stress management strategies for students and courses for staff, which have been delivered widely over a period of many years.  

    Real Group Ltd (https://www.realgroup.co.uk/) is a training provider across the education sector. We specialise in online training for all levels within school and college systems, such as teaching assistant training in understanding emotionally connected classrooms and master’s level courses aimed at SENCo, specialist teacher or assessor qualifications. We also train staff to become senior mental health leads as well as offering NPQs for senior staff and head teachers.

    This manual is an essential mental health resource for schools. It puts theory into practice and guides understanding of stress in staff and students in a straightforward manner. Exam stress is included, and the programme expands to deal with stress and anxiety in everyday situations. The lesson plan format is very clear and easy for staff to use with students.

    It is highly recommended.

    Dr Richard Lewis, Mental Health Programme Leader for Real Group Ltd