1st Edition

Mathematics for Circuits and Filters

Edited By Wai-Kai Chen Copyright 1999

    Every engineering professional needs a practical, convenient mathematics resource, without extensive theory and proofs. Mathematics for Circuits and Filters stresses the fundamental theory behind professional applications, making an excellent, flexible resource that enables easy access to the information needed to deal with circuits and filters.
    The sections feature frequent examples and illustrations, reinforcing the basic theory. The examples also demonstrate applications of the concepts. References at the end of each section are drawn from not only traditional sources, but from relevant, nontraditional ones as well, including software, databases, standards, seminars, and conferences. This leads advanced researchers quickly to the data they may need for more specialized problems.
    An international panel of experts developed the chapters for practicing engineers, concentrating on the problems that they encounter the most and have the most difficulty with. Mathematics for Circuits and Filters aids in the engineer's understanding and recall of vital mathematical concepts and acts as the engineer's primary resource when looking for solutions to a wide range of problems.

    Linear Operations and Matrices
    Bilinear Operations and Matrices
    The Laplace Transform
    Fourier Series, Fourier Transforms and the DFT
    Wavelet Transforms
    Graph Theory
    Signal Flow Graphs


    Wai-Kai Chen (University of IIlinois, Chicago, USA)

    "Recommended for libraries associated with electrical engineering and applied math programs."
    --CHOICE Magazine

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