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Medical Imaging in Practice

About the Series

The aim of the Medical Imaging Practice Series is to provide support to medical imaging professionals in their work. Further, this series aims to help emerging professionals, such as undergraduate and postgraduate students, by providing the information needed to gain a sound understanding of key and emerging topics relating to general imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, mammography, ultrasonography, patient care and image interpretation. Experienced authors within their respective sub-specialities will be asked to write the book(s) and/or bring together monographs, with all texts independently reviewed by academics within the medical imaging profession(s).

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Research Methods for Student Radiographers A Survival Guide

Research Methods for Student Radiographers: A Survival Guide

1st Edition


By Christopher M. Hayre, Xiaoming Zheng
September 28, 2021

This book aims to provide a holistic picture of the application of research in radiography and focus on multi-variant methodological approaches and practices. It will provide readers insight into both contemporary and innovative methods within radiography research, backed up with evidence-based ...

General Radiography Principles and Practices

General Radiography: Principles and Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher M. Hayre, William A.S. Cox
July 16, 2020

With chapters from globally recognized academics, General Radiography shows the multifaceted approach to general radiography and how it enhances healthcare delivery. Potentially influential to how healthcare delivery is offered, it begins with the pertinent chapters examining image ...

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