1st Edition

Person-Centred Care in Radiology International Perspectives on High-Quality Care

Edited By Shayne Chau, Emma Hyde, Karen Knapp, Christopher Hayre Copyright 2024
    460 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    460 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This edited book focuses on the application of patient care within the three specialisms: diagnostic radiography (including fluoroscopy, computed tomography, breast imaging, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging), radiotherapy and oncology, and nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

    Person-Centred Care in Radiology: International Perspectives on High-Quality Care draws from recent publications and clinical expertise, supported with this trend of technological advances and how they are supposed to enhance patient care. The chapters seek to uncover the role and behavior of radiographers. This will be supported with chapters on a key aspect, which will impact both radiographers and patients, vis-à-vis advancing technology. These chapters include topics such as artificial intelligence, image acquisition, coincided with topics surrounding ethics. The edited volume includes contributions from the United States, Canada, the UK and Australasia to bring together for the first time those at the forefront of this growing field in medical imaging.

    This book may be used to influence policymaking decisions and thus influence how healthcare delivery is offered in an ever-evolving imaging environment. In short, this text bridges the gap between what is advocated in the literature, with experience, as observed in practice. The targeted audience for this book is multifaceted. It will primarily be a book that facilitates undergraduate radiography students worldwide. It will offer a useful tool for academics delivering undergraduate (pre-registration) radiography programs.

    This book will act as a ‘primer’ for undergraduate students, but importantly ‘signpost’ to other key texts within the field. Further, academics will find this text useful as it aims to enrich scholarly learning, teaching and assessment to healthcare programs nationally and internationally.

    SECTION ONE: Introduction to person-centred care

    1 Person-centred care

    Emma Hyde

    2 Cultural competence in person-centred care

    Geoff Currie and Josie Currie

    3 Affirming and inclusive diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy services for sexual and gender minority patients

    Riaan van de Venter

    4 Achieving person-centred diagnostic imaging care in low- and middle-income countries: Barriers and strategies

    Andrew Donkor, Alberta Naa Afia Adjei and Yaw Amo Wiafe

    SECTION TWO: Person-centred care in general radiography

    5 Patient care in general radiography

    Ruth Strudwick

    6 General radiography: The heart of radiology, where person and machine come together

    Kathleen Naidoo

    7 Person-centred care in paediatric radiography

    Harry Bliss, Emma Rose and Niabh Kirk

    8 Person-centred care in DXA and secondary fracture prevention

    Jill Griffin and Karen Knapp

    SECTION THREE: Person-centred care in emergency settings

    9 Beyond general radiography: Patient- centred care in the specialty environment of the emergency department

    Michael Fuller and Lynne Ingram

    SECTION FOUR: Person-centred care in fluoroscopy and angiography

    10 Patient care in the screening room

    Elio Arruzza

    11 Patient care in interventional radiology and angiography

    Robert Whiteman

    SECTION FIVE: Person-centred care in breast imaging

    12 Person-centred care in breast imaging

    Joleen K. Eden, Johanna E. Mercer, Catherine A. Hill and Claire E. Mercer

    13 Patient care in breast imaging: A UK context

    Judith Kelly and Peter Hogg

    SECTION SIX: Person-centred care in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    14 MRI: Understanding and enhancing the patient journey

    Darren Hudson and Christine Heales

    15 Patient care in MRI

    Iain MacDonald

    16 Person-centred care in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Johnathan Hewis and Kevin Strachan

    SECTION SEVEN: Person-centred care in ultrasound

    17 Person-centred care in sonography

    Yaw Amo Wiafe, Benedict Apaw Agyei and Andrew Donkor

    18 Person-centred ultrasound experiences

    Shelley Thomson, Lyndal Macpherson, Samantha Thomas and Anja Christoffersen

    19 Person-centred ultrasound communication

    Shelley Thomson, Lyndal Macpherson, Samantha Thomas and Anja Christoffersen

    SECTION EIGHT: Person-centred care in nuclear medicine

    20 Nuclear medicine: Addressing the myths and improving the patient journey

    Aruna Jago-Brown

    21 The role of artificial intelligence in supporting person-centred care

    Geoff Currie, Eric Rohren and K. Elizabeth Hawk

    SECTION NINE: Person-centred care in forensic imaging

    22 Forensic imaging

    Chrissie Eade and Charlotte Primeau

    SECTION TEN: Person-centred care in therapeutic radiography

    23 Compassion as the heart of person-centred care in diagnostic and therapeutic radiography

    Amy Hancock and Jill Bleiker

    24 Person-centred caring in therapeutic radiography

    Julie Hendry

    SECTION ELEVEN: Person-centred care: The patient experience

    25 Person-centred care: A health professional’s patient experience

    Margot Mcbride

    26 Addressing scanxiety: Promoting person-centred care in radiology

    Shayne Chau

    27 The journey to person-centred care in radiology

    Shayne Chau, Christopher Hayre, Karen Knapp and Emma Hyde


    Shayne Chau is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and an adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of Exeter, UK and University of Canberra, Australia.

    Emma Hyde is an Associate Professor in Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Derby, UK.

    Karen Knapp is an Associate Professor in Musculoskeletal Imaging and Head of the Department of Health and Care Professions in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Exeter, UK.

    Christopher Hayre is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter, UK and Senior Fellow for the School of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Suffolk, UK.