Medical Management of Radiation Accidents: 2nd Edition (Hardback) book cover

Medical Management of Radiation Accidents

2nd Edition

Edited by Igor Gusev, Angelina Guskova, Fred A. Mettler

CRC Press

640 pages | 100 B/W Illus.

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Although radiation accidents are rare and often complex in nature, they are of great concern not only to the patient and involved medical staff, but to the media and public as well. Yet there are few if any comprehensive publications on the medical management of radiation accidents. Medical Management of Radiation Accidents provides a complete reference for those concerned with radiation accidents nationally as well as abroad.

Substantially different from the first edition, which dealt predominantly with radiation accident experiences in the United States, this updated and revised Second Edition represents an international cooperative effort that reflects current international approaches and experiences related to the medical management of radiation accidents. It is organized into areas that include:

  • the fundamental aspects, medical characteristics, and classification of radiation accidents

  • aspects of radiation on the entire body and specific tissues

  • the history of accidents throughout the world

  • a general overview of certain types of accidents with specific examples

  • a follow-up of persons accidentally exposed to radiation with considerations related to epidemiological studies and a few selected examples

  • radiation protection and dosimetry issues, psychological considerations, and accidental exposure of pregnant females.

    The majority of this text is a Russian-United States effort; however, it includes work from authors from Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, and Peru.

  • Reviews

    "Medical Management of Radiation Accidents has everything you ever wanted to know about radiation-induced injuries and more. This well-organized book is probably the most comprehensive text available on the subject. …The major improvement found in the second edition is the breadth and depth of the coverage on the evaluation and treatment of the many injuries presented."

    - Roger E. Linnemann, Radiation Management Consultants, Pennsylvania, in American Journal of Roentgenology

    "This is the definitive text of the medical management of persons accidentally exposed to ionizing radiation. It is a major expansion and improvement over the first edition, and encompasses the worldwide experience in radiation accidents. There is no major competition for the book. It should be readily accessible to physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and others who staff hospital emergency rooms or who otherwise may be called upon at some time to address the needs of persons accidentally exposed to radiation… 4 Stars!"

    - William R. Hendee, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin

    "…an excellent update to a comprehensive text and reference book on the medical management of radiation injury…No other reference has brought together such a comprehensive compilation of information on radiation injury. This alone would make the volume valuable…The author's have done an admirable job of offering useful and practical information in a concise and readable way."

    - Health Physics, February 2002, Volume 82, Number 2

    Table of Contents

    Fundamentals of Radiation Accidents, Fred A. Mettler, Jr. and Charles A. Kelsey

    Medical Characteristics of Different Types of Radiation Accidents, Angelina K.Guskova

    Radiation Sickness Classification, Aneglina K. Guskova

    Acute Radiation Sickness: Underlying Principles and Assessment, Angelina K. Guskova, Alexander E. Barnov, Igor A. Gusev

    Treatment of Acute Radiation Sickness, Fred A. Mettler, Jr. and Angelina K. Guskova

    Direct Effects of Radiation on Specific Tissues, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.r

    The Safety of Radiation Sources and the Security of Radioactive Materials, Abel J. Gonzalez

    Review of Chinese Nuclear Accidents, Pan Ziqiang

    Radiation Accidents in the Former U.S.S.R., V. Soloviev, L. Ilyin, A. Baranov, A. Guskova, N.M. Nadejina

    Radiation Accidents in the United States, Robert C. Ricks, Mary Ellen Berger, Elizabeth C. Halloway, Ronald Goans

    Criticality Accidents, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., George L. Voelz, Jean Claude Nenot

    Medical Aspects of the Accident at Chernobyl, Angelina K. Guskova, Igor Gusev

    Accidents at Industrial Irradiation Facilities, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Local Radiation Injury, A.V. Barabanova

    Accidental Radiation Injury From Industrial Radiography Sources, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Accident Involving Abandoned Radioactive Sources in Georgia, 1997, Ralf U. Peter, Henri Carsin, Jean-Marc Cosset, Krishna Clough, Patrick Gourmelon, and Jean-Claude Nénot

    Localized Irradiation from an Industrial Radiography Source in San Ramon, Peru, Mayer Zaharia, Luis Pinillos-Ashton, Cesar Picon, Fred A, Mettler, Jr.

    Exposure Analysis and Medical Evaluation of a Low Energy X-Ray Diffraction Accident, Jerrold T. Bushberg, Thomas Ferguson, David K. Shelton, Gerry Westcott, Victor Anderson, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Local Irradiation Injury of the Hands with an Electron Beam Machine, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Charles A. Kelsey

    Accidents in Radiation Therapy, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Pedro Ortiz-Lopez

    Two-Year Medical Follow-up on the Radiographic Accident in Costsa Rica, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Torsten Landberg, Jean-Claude Nenot, Fernando Medina-Trejos, Roxana Ching, Ivette Garcia, Vincinio Perez-Ulloa, Mayela Valerio Hernandez

    Medical Accidents with Local Injury from Use of Medical Fluoroscopy, Chris Sharpe

    Assessment and Treatment of Internal Contamination: General Principles, George L. Voelz

    Lifetime Follow-up of the 1976 American Accident Victim, Bryce D. Breitenstein, Jr., H. Earl Palmer

    Two Los Alamos Plutonium Accidents, George L. Voeltz

    Internal Contamination in the Goiania Accident -- Brazil, 1987, C. Nogueira De Oliveira, D.R. Melo, and J.L. Liptzstein

    Fatal Accidental Overdose with Radioactive Gold in Wisconsin, United States, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Skin Wounds and Burns Contaminated by Radioactive Substances (Metabolism, Decontamination, Tactics and Techniques of Medical Care), Leonid A. Ilyin

    Iridium-192 Acid Skin Burn inAlbuquerque, New Mexico, Charles A. Kelsey, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Hospital Preparation for Radiation Accidents, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Emergency Room Management of Radiation Accidents, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Application of Radiation Protection Principles to Accident Management, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Monitoring and Epidemiological Follow-up of Persons Accidentally Exposed, Shirley A. Fry, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Issues Involved in Long-term Follow-up of Persons After Radiation Exposure, Shigenobu Nagataki, Kazuo Neriishi

    Long-Term Follow-up After Accidental Exposure to Radioactive Fallout in the Marshall Islands, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Manhattan Project Plutonium Woirkers at Los Alamos, George L. Voelz

    Epidemiologic Evaluation of Populations Employed and Accidentally Exposed Near the Techa River, Angelina K. Guskova, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Instrumentation and Physical Dose Assessment in Radiation Accidents, Charles A. Kelsey, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

    Evaluation of Neutron Exposure, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., George Voelz

    The Current Status of Biological Dosimeters, Douglas B. Chambers, Harriet A. Phillips

    Psychosocial Effects of Radiation Accidents, Steven M. Becker

    Accidental Radiation Exposure During Pregnancy, Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

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    MEDICAL / Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
    TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Industrial Health & Safety