1st Edition

Memory Development Universal Changes and Individual Differences

Edited By Franz E. Weinert, Marion Perlmutter Copyright 1988
    430 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This volume, a collection of papers resulting from a conference sponsored by the Max Planck Society, presents an overview of past research on memory development, possible applications of this research, and new ideas for future areas of study. The role of cognitive components in the development of memory performance and the social and motivational contexts of memory development are described. Includes various theoretical approaches explaining memory development across the life span.

    Memory Development: Universal Changes and Individual Differences is of interest to researchers, undergraduates and graduate students in developmental psychology, educational psychology and technology, and experimental psychology.

    Contents: Preface. Part I: The Development of Memory Strategies. H.M. Wellman, The Early Development of Memory Strategies. P.A. Ornstein, L. Baker-Ward, M.J. Naus, The Development of Mnemonic Skill. A. Flammer, R. L thi, Strategies in Selective Recall. Part II: Metamemory: Problems of Strategy Generalization and Strategy Training. J.G. Borkowski, M. Milstead, C. Hale, Components of Children's Metamemory: Implication for Strategy Generalization. M. Pressley, D. Forrest-Pressley, D.J. Elliot-Faust, What is Strategy Instructional Enrichment and How to Study It: Illustration from Research on Children's Prose Memory and Comprehension. F.P. B chel, Training of Memory Strategies With Adolescents and Adults in Vocational Schools. Part III: Knowledge Structure and Memory Development. K. Nelson, J. Hudson, Scripts and Memory: Functional Relationships in Development. M.T.H. Chi, Children's Lack of Access and Knowledge Reorganization: An Example from the Concept of Animism. G. Denhiere, Story Comprehension and Memorization By Children: The Role of Input-, Conservation, and Output Processes. Part IV: Social and Motivational Concepts of Memory Development. S. Paris, Motivated Remembering. S.J. Ceci, U. Bronfenbrunner, J.G. Baker, Memory in Context: The Case of Prospective Remembering. F. Verdonik, Reconsidering the Context of Remembering: The Need for a Social Description of Memory Processes and Their Development. Part V: Theoretical Approaches of Universal Changes and Individual Differences in Memory Development Across the Life Span. W. Hussy, A.V. Eye, On Cognitive Operators in Information Processing and Their Effects on Short-Term Memory Performance in Different Age Groups. R.A. Dixon, C.H. Hertzog, A Functional Approach to Memory and Metamemory Development in Adulthood. M. Knopf, J. K rkel, W. Schneider, F.E. Weinert, Human Memory as a Faculty Versus Human Memory as a Set of Specific Abilities: Evidence from a Life-Span Approach. M. Perlmutter, Research on Memory and Its Development: Past, Present, and Future.


    Franz E. Weinert, Marion Perlmutter

    "...extremely stimulating....a thought-provoking and enjoyable collection, and one that stands apart from other recent edited volumes in memory development by virtue of its breadth and the impressive amount of previously-unpublished material it presents."
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