1st Edition

Mental Wellbeing in Schools What Teachers Need to Know to Support Pupils from Diverse Backgrounds

Edited By Arif Mahmud, Liam Satchell Copyright 2022
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Teachers see the impact of pupils’ mental wellbeing on the experience of school every day. But often there is not enough practical advice on what can be done to support pupils who might need help and especially for pupils from diverse backgrounds, who might face unique challenges. This important book is a practice-facing, evidence-based guide for teachers, support staff, education students, and schools, giving advice on the ways in which we can support the mental wellbeing of pupils from diverse backgrounds.

    Bringing together advice and strategies for supporting pupil mental health and wellbeing, this book makes accessible key knowledge about mental health and examines how this might vary in different pupil populations by exploring the unique challenges for disadvantaged and minority pupils. Offering valuable insights into the diverse nature of pupils’ mental health experiences, each chapter provides practical suggestions and approaches that teachers can use in the classroom, and schools can adopt into their pastoral care systems.

    Including real-life case studies and key takeaways, Mental Wellbeing in Schools will be valuable reading for teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as school leaders.


    Pranav Patel

    1. What Do Teachers Need to Know About Mental Wellbeing in Young People?

    Liam Satchell

    2. Black pupils, Mental Wellbeing, and Resilience

    Jason Arday and Laura Morton

    3. British Bangladeshi Pupils’ Mental Wellbeing in Schools

    Nilufar Ahmed, Arif Mahmud and Fuad Ali

    4. Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller Pupils and Mental Wellbeing

    Martin Myers

    5. British Chinese Pupils’ Mental Wellbeing

    Bonnie Pang, Lizana Oberholzer and Winnie Sin Wai Pui

    6. Educating White Working-Class Boys: Addressing Masculinity, Wellbeing and Mental Health

    Garth Stahl

    7. Teenage Girls and Mental Health and Wellbeing Within and Beyond School Spaces

    Victoria Cann and Catherine Thomas

    8. Including Pupils who Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer (LGBTQ+)

    Jonathan Glazzard and Samuel Stones

    9. Supporting pupils who identify as Trans*

    Matt Leonard

    10. Mental Wellbeing of Children Looked After (CLA) in schools

    Amy Warhurst

    11. Pedagogies of Welcome: Simple Yet Profound Acts to Support Refugee Pupils’ Mental Wellbeing

    Caroline Bagelman

    12. Mental Wellbeing challenges of Muslim pupils in UK schools

    Sania Shakoor, Muthanna Samara and Hisham M. Abu-Rayya

    13. Accommodating King Saul: Jewish Pupils and Mental Health

    Maxim G.M. Samson

    14. Children with Physical or Intellectual Impairments and Mental Wellbeing

    Sian E. Jones, Clare Uytman, Leanne Ali, Laura Dalnoki, Alicia Kaliff, Daphne Lola-Luz, Morvern Mackintosh, Amanda McCune, William Muir and Kiia Uusitalo

    15. Bereavement: Impact on Learner Identity, Mental Health and wellbeing

    Sukhbinder Hamilton

    16. Conclusion: What Can We Do to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Pupils from Diverse Backgrounds?

    Arif Mahmud and Liam Satchell


    Arif Mahmud is a Lecturer in Education Studies and a member of the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Human Development at the University of Roehampton. He researches on social, emotional, and mental health experiences of young people in national and international contexts with a focus of developing and evaluating intervention programmes.

    Liam Satchell is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Winchester and a member of the Childhood and Youth Psychology Research Group. He is an applied psychologist and methodologist with expertise in mental health and wellbeing, educational psychology, and applying research to everyday challenges.