1st Edition

Metal Ions in Biological Systems Volume 17: Calcium and its Role in Biology

Edited By Helmut Sigel Copyright 1984
    560 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book is wholly devoted to Ca2+ metal ion, as it is so important in regulating a wide variety of biological activities. It deals with calcium and brain proteins, the role of ca2+ in exocytosis, blood coagulation, and the regulation of the skeletal muscle contraction-relaxation cycle.

    1. Bioinorganic Chemistry of Calcium 2. Crystal Structure Studies of Calcium Complexes and Implications for Biological Systems 3. Intestinal and Renal Absorption of Calcium 4. Calcium Transport across Biological Membranes 5. Physiological Aspects of Mitochondrial Calcium Transport 6. Mode of Action of the Regulatory Protein Calmodulin 7. Calcium and Brain Proteins 8. The Roles of Ca2+ in the Regulation and Mechanism of Exocytosis 9. Calcium Function in Blood Coagulation 10. The Role of Calcium in the Regulation of the Skeletal Muscle Contraction-Relaxation Cycle 11. Calcification of Vertebrate Hard Tissues


    Helmut Sigel