1st Edition

Metal Ions in Biological Systems Volume 19: Antibiotics and Their Complexes

Edited By Helmut Sigel Copyright 1985
    460 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume is an attempt to improve the understanding of the coordination chemistry and action of the biologically important compounds, also termed antibiotics, and to stimulate further research in this area, describing the properties of the biologically important compounds.

    1. The Discovery of Ionophores: An Historical Account 2. Tetracyclines and Daunorubicin 3. Interaction of Metal Ions with Streptonigrin and Biological Properties of the Complexes 4. Bleomycin Antibiotics: Metal Complexes and Their Biological Action 5. Interaction between Valinomycin and Metal Ions 6. Beauvericin and the Other Enniatins 7. Complexing Properties of Gramicidins 8. Nactins: Their Complexes and Biological Properties 9. Cation Complexes of the Monovalent and Polyvalent Carboxylic Ionophores: Lasalocid (X-537A), Monensin, A23187 (Calcimycin), and Related Antibiotics 10. Complexes of D-Cycloserine and Related Amino Acids 11. Iron-Containing Antibiotics 12. Cation-Ionophore Interactions: Quantification of the Factors Underlying Selective Complexation by Means of Theoretical Computations


    Helmut Sigel