1st Edition

Metalinguistic Awareness and Second Language Acquisition

By Karen Roehr-Brackin Copyright 2018
    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    Metalinguistic Awareness and Second Language Acquisition is the first book to present an in-depth overview of metalinguistic awareness as it relates to SLA. In this volume, Roehr-Brackin discusses metalinguistic awareness in the context of both child and adult language learning, and outlines the various methods that can be used to measure metalinguistic awareness. The author presents different approaches to metalinguistic awareness, including a cognitive-developmental perspective that explains how the concept relates to literacy, and an applied linguistics perspective that understands metalinguistic awareness as explicit or conscious knowledge about language. Roehr-Brackin explores the role of metalinguistic awareness in language education aimed at young learners, as well as in instructed adult SLA. This book is an excellent resource for those researching or taking courses in second language acquisition, bi- and multilingualism, and language teaching.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: A cognitive-developmental perspective on metalinguistic awareness

    Chapter 3: Metalinguistic awareness in language education

    Chapter 4: Metalinguistic awareness as explicit knowledge and learning: Theoretical premises

    Chapter 5: Metalinguistic awareness as explicit knowledge and learning: Empirical evidence

    Chapter 6: Measuring metalinguistic awareness

    Chapter 7: Concluding remarks



    Karen Roehr-Brackin is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex, UK. She works in the area of second language acquisition. Her research interests include explicit and implicit knowledge and learning, as well as the role of individual learner differences such as language learning aptitude, working memory and cognitive/learning style in adult and child second language learning.

    "Roehr-Brackin’s treatment of metalinguistic awareness is comprehensive, expertly drawing together differing perspectives and a wealth of research to demonstrate how knowledge about and awareness of language might impact on literacy and second language learning. It is therefore highly relevant to those working both in education and applied linguistics."

    Rosemary Erlam, University of Auckland, New Zealand


    "This is a landmark publication. It includes a comprehensive overview of the topic for both child and adult language learning, presenting different theoretical perspectives, an impressive review of empirical studies and a thoughtful account of different types of measurements used in research. A must-read for researchers and students interested in SLA and teaching."

    Teresa Cadierno, University of Southern Denmark