1st Edition

Microlearning in the Digital Age The Design and Delivery of Learning in Snippets

    294 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    294 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Microlearning in the Digital Age explores the design and implementation of bite-sized learning and training in technology-enabled environments. Grounded in research-based best practices and a robust, eight-dimensional framework, this book applies the latest developments in mobile learning, social media, and instructional/multimedia design to one of today’s most innovative and accessible content delivery systems. Featuring experts from higher education, information technology, digital gaming, corporate, and other contexts, this comprehensive guide will prepare graduate students, researchers, and professionals of instructional design, e-learning, and distance education to develop engaging, cost-effective microlearning systems.


    Karl M. Kapp

    Part 1: Introduction

    1. A Multidimensional Roadmap for Implementing Effective Microlearning Solutions
    Maria Elena Corbeil, Joseph Rene Corbeil, and Badrul H. Khan

    2. What is Microlearning? Origin, Definitions, and Applications
    Carla Torgerson

    Part 2: Designing Microlearning Objects

    3. Sound Pedagogy Practices for Designing and Implementing Microlearning Objects

    Theo Hug

    4. Multimedia Design Principles for Microlearning
    Didem Tufan

    5. Optimizing Microlearning Materials for Mobile Learning
    Lucas Kohnke

    6. Assessing the Learning in Microlearning
    Rita Fennelly-Atkinson and Renee Dyer

    Part 3: Microlearning in Academic, Corporate, and Personalized Learning Contexts

    7. Microlearning and Microcredentials in Higher Education

    Megan Kohler, Chris Gamrat, Victoria Raish, and Elizabeth Gross

    8. Microlearning in K-12 Settings
    Laura Sheneman
    9. Microlearning in Corporate Settings
    Pamela S. Hogle

    10. Microlearning for Personal & Professional Development
    Tracy King

    PART 4: Microlearning Today and Tomorrow

    11. Creating Microlearning Objects within Self-Directed Multimodal Learning Contexts

    Jako Olivier

    12. Gamifying Microlearning Elements

    Alexander Salas

    13. Sharing Microlearning Materials as Open Educational Resources (OER)

    Kari Word and Vanessa Dennen

    14. RREDS: An Instructional Design Model Based on Microlearning Events and Curricular Engagement
    Melissa Simons and Caroline M. Crawford

    15.  Microlearning in the Workplace of the Future
    Johnny Hamilton, Darci Hall, and Theresa Hamilton


    Joseph Rene Corbeil is Professor of Educational Technology at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA.

    Badrul H. Khan is Founder of McWeadon Education, a professional development institution. An e-learning and instructional design consultant, he previously served as Founding Director of the Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) graduate cohort program at The George Washington University, USA.

    Maria Elena Corbeil is Professor of Educational Technology at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA.