1st Edition

Mixed Ability Teaching

Edited By Margaret Sands, Trevor Kerry Copyright 1982
    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    126 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Mixed ability teaching was the subject of a lively debate in the early 1980s within the teaching profession. Some educationalists took the view that mixed ability teaching was a great step forward which should be encouraged at all costs, whilst other strongly disagreed. Others whilst acknowledging that mixed ability teaching is a good idea, were against it, pointing to the many practical difficulties which face a teacher teaching to a mixed ability class.

    Originally published in 1982, this book provides a comprehensive survey of the issues involved, offering a range of approaches to the issue of whether and how to group children for mixed ability teaching. The aim is to help students and teachers to look more dispassionately at the topic and, in the process, to explore their own reactions and attitudes. The book considers the methods that should be employed in mixed ability teaching, examining the different strategies that need to be adopted for different subjects, and exploring the special position of exceptional children, both slow learners and gifted in a mixed ability class. At all times the book avoids over-technical language and is written at a level that will make it readily accessible to teachers and trainee teachers. It will be particularly effective where debate is still in progress: school staffs who are considering whether to change to mixed ability; students discussing the issues in a seminar; and as a starting point for in-service training.

    Providing many useful insights that will enable teachers to cope better with mixed ability classes, the book concludes by considering how mixed ability teaching will develop in the future. Today it can be read in its historical context.

    Acknowledgements.  Introduction.  1. Mixed Ability and the Community School Idea Tom King  2. A Retreat from Mixed Ability Teaching Frank Collier  3. Mixed Ability Teaching in the Primary School Ken Ridley  4. Teaching Methods: Myth and Reality Margaret Sands  5. Mixed Ability Teaching in the Humanities Trevor Kerry  6. Mixed Ability Teaching in Science Mervyn Flecknoe  7. The Demands Made on Pupils’ Thinking in Mixed Ability Classes Trevor Kerry  8. Creating Conditions for Success with Mixed Ability Classes Stuart Ingleson.  Conclusion.  Bibliography.  Notes on Contributors.  Index.


    Edited by Margaret Sands and Trevor Kerry