1st Edition

Mobile Learning and Mathematics Foundations, Design, and Case Studies

Edited By Helen Crompton, John Traxler Copyright 2015
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides an overview of current research on how mobile devices are supporting mathematics educators in classrooms across the globe.

    Through nine case studies, chapter authors investigate the use of mobile technologies over a range of grade levels and mathematical topics, while connecting chapters provide a strong foundational background in mobile learning theories, instructional design, and learner support.

    For current educators, Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides concrete ideas and strategies for integrating mobile learning into their mathematics instruction—for example, by sharing resources that will help implement Common Core State Standards, or by streamlining the process of selecting from the competing and often confusing technology options currently available. A cutting edge research volume, this collection also provides a springboard for educational researchers to conduct further study.


    Helen Crompton and John Traxler

    Chapter 1

    Bridging the Gap: Using Mobile Devices to Connect Mathematics to Out-of-School Contexts

    Sandra Sawaya, Ralph Putnam

    Chapter 2

    Mobile Applications for Math Education – How Should They Be Done?

    Martin Ebner

    Chapter 3

    Inquiry-based Mobilized Math Classroom with SMILE

    Donggil Song, Paul Kim

    Chapter 4

    Smartphones Welcome! Preparatory Course in Mathematics Using the Mobile App MassMatics

    Eva Decker, Barbara Meier, Andreas Christ, Gisela Hillenbrand, Stephan Claus, Robert Koschig

    Chapter 5

    Students’ Behaviour, Perceptions and Emotions when Learning Mathematics with Cellular Phones

    Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Baya’a

    Chapter 6

    Designing with Mobile Technologies for Enabling Transitions Across Mathematical Contexts

    Håkan Sollervall, Marcelo Milrad

    Chapter 7

    Breaking barriers between out-of-school and classroom mathematics with documenting

    Tim Jay, Ulises Xolocotzin

    Chapter 8

    Realistic Mathematics Education, Mobile Learning and the Bridge21 Model for 21st Century Learning: A Perfect Storm

    Brendan Tangney, Aibhín Bray, Elizabeth Oldham

    Chapter 9

    Using Mobile Games in the Classroom: The Good and the Bad of a New Math Language

    Anders Kluge and Jan Dolonen

    Chapter 10

    Guidelines for Developing Mobile Learning Games for Mathematics Based on a Cased Study

    Vani Kalloo, Permanand Mohan

    Chapter 11

    Virtual 10-Frames and Mobile Technology in a Canadian Primary Classroom

    Helen Wight, Andrew Kitchenham

    Chapter 12

    Students’ Mathematical Conjectures when Interacting with a Mobile Device

    S. Aslı Özgün-Koca, Thomas G. Edwards

    Chapter 13

    Support in Hand: Mobile Nudges for Math Success

    Jarek Sierschynski, Colleen Carmean, Jill Frankfort

    Chapter 14

    Mobile Help Seeking in Mathematics: An Exploratory Study with Mexican Engineering Students

    Mario S. Aguilar, Danelly E. Puga

    Chapter 15

    Confessions of a Dr Math Tutor

    Laurie Butgereit, Adele Botha, Vicki Boysen

    Chapter 16

    Case Study: Tangerine®: Class for Data-Informed Instructional Decision Making in Kenya

    Carmen Strigel, Mildren Lango'o, Dunstone Kwayumba, Sarah Koko

    Chapter 17

    Mobilizing Mathematics: Participants’ Perspectives on Bring Your Own Device

    Billie Jean Holubz


    Mobile Maths: Figuring What Next

    John Traxler & Helen Crompton

    Contributor Biographies



    Helen Crompton is Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

    John Traxler is Professor of Mobile Learning at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, where he also directs the Learning Lab.

    "The data is clear: students want to use their mobile devices for learning in school. Crompton and Traxler show you how. Teachers will find this book absolutely accessible—there are "take-aways" that can be used in the classroom tomorrow. Principals: buy this book for your K-12 math teachers. They will thank you."

    Cathie Norris, high school math teacher and Regents Professor, Department of Learning Technologies, University of North Texas, USA

    "Crompton and Traxler have set a very high bar with the first substantive book on the use of mobile devices in mathematics instruction! This is the book with which mobile math researchers must start and to which educators will come for ideas. Its eighteen diverse chapters are chock-full of the latest ideas in mobile mathematics learning."

    Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, CSE Department, University of Michigan, USA

    "Mobile technologies are ubiquitous and will transform math learning. These authors act as inspiring and thoughtful guides, setting down a strong foundation."

    Jere Confrey, Joseph D. Moore Distinguished University Professor, North Carolina State University, USA