1st Edition

Models Of Cognitive Development

ISBN 9780367276904
Published July 22, 2019 by Psychology Press
270 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In spite of its obvious importance and popularity, the field of cognitive development remains highly fragmented due to the vast diversity of models of what knowledge and reasoning are, and how they develop. This new Classic Edition of Models of Cognitive Development aims to overcome this barrier through its careful introduction, illustrated examples, and approach to helping students think more critically about the subject.

In this significant work, Richardson provides students, researchers, and comparative theoreticians with a cohesive understanding of the area by organizing diverse schools, frameworks, and approaches according to a much smaller set of underlying assumptions or preconceptions, which themselves can be historically interrelated. By understanding these, it’s possible to find pathways around the area more confidently as a whole, to see the “wood” as well as the theoretical trees, and be able to react to individual models more critically and constructively.

The Classic Edition of this core text will be essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students of cognitive development.

Table of Contents

1.Nativist Models. Introduction. Contemporary Nativism. Natural Mechanics and Natural Computations. Development of Concepts and Categories. The Modular Mind. Smart Infants. Hard and Soft Nativism. Practical Applications. Criticisms of Nativist Models. Evolution and Nativism. 2. Associationist Models. Introduction. Behaviourism. Cognitive Associationism. Semantic Networks. Developmental Models. Concepts. Covariations, Causes, Rules and Schemas. Applications of Associationist Models. Criticisms of Associationism. 3. Constructivist Models. Introduction. Gestalt Psychology. Modern Schema Theory. Mental Models. Mandler's Theory. Piaget's Theory. Cognition in Context. Other Criticisms of Piaget's Theory. Piaget's New Theory. Practical Applications of Constructivism. Criticisms of Constructivism in General. 4. Sociocognitive Models. Introduction. Social Nativism. Social Associationism. Social Constructivism. Piaget and Vygotsky Compared. 5. Models Mixed and Models New. Introduction. Nativism with Constructivism. Nativism with Associationism. Nativism with Constructivism and Associationism. Connectionism. Ecological Realism Theory. Dynamic Systems Theory. Cognitive Hyperstructures. A Confluence of Models? References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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Ken Richardson is a bio-psychologist, author, and former lecturer at the Open University, UK. He has written many research papers and several books on the evolution and functions of intelligent systems and the science and ideology of cognitive ability (including IQ) testing.