1st Edition

Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students

Edited By Todd A. Kettler Copyright 2016
    424 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students addresses the need for advanced curriculum design in an age of national standards and 21st-century learning innovations. The text and its authors work from the assumption that the most advanced learners need a qualitatively different design of learning experiences in order to develop their potential into outstanding achievement, answering the question, “How should we design learning experiences for our most advanced academic students in the foundational curriculum areas?” This book provides the most contemporary thinking about how to design in-depth courses of study in the foundational curriculum areas with a high degree of complexity and advanced content. The book includes chapters articulating specific design components like creative thinking, critical thinking, and authentic research, but also subject-specific chapters in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies to demonstrate application of those design components.

    Bold Vision for Developing Talent in an Age of Standards: Introduction to Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students Section 1: Modern Approaches to Gifted Education Curriculum Chapter 1: Curriculum Design in an Era of Ubiquitous Information and Technology: New Possibilities for Gifted Education Chapter 2: Differentiated Curriculum: Learning From the Past and Exploring the Future Chapter 3: Implications of the Talent Development Framework for Curriculum Design Chapter 4: An Advanced Academics Approach to Curriculum Building Chapter 5: Gifted Education in the Age of Content Standards Section 2: Components of Modern Gifted Education Curriculum Chapter 6: A Differentiated Approach to Critical Thinking in Curriculum Design Chapter 7: Learning as a Creative Act Chapter 8: Inquiry Learning Models and Gifted Education: A Curriculum of Innovation and Possibility Chapter 9: Independent Research, Creative Productivity, and Personalization of Learning: A Student-Centered Pedagogy of Gifted Education. Chapter 10: Research Experiences for High School Students: A Curriculum for Expertise and Authentic Practice Chapter 11: Authentic, Formative, and Informative: Assessment of Advanced Learning Chapter 12: Blended Learning: A New Frontier of Differentiated Curriculum Section 3: Developing Domain Expertise Through Rigorous Curriculum Design Chapter 13: Differentiating English Language Arts Standards for Gifted and Advanced Students Chapter 14: Romance, Precision, and Integration: Developing Talent and Expertise in Writing. Chapter 15: Differentiating Mathematics Standards for Gifted Students Chapter 16: Developing Mathematical Talent: A Practical, Research-Supported Approach Chapter 17: Developing Advanced Science Curriculum for Gifted Students Chapter 18: Developing Science Talent: An Innovative Approach to Learning for Expertise and Elite Performance Chapter 19: Learning Design and Social Studies for Gifted and Advanced Students Chapter 20: Curriculum to Challenge Gifted Learners in the Social Studies About the Editor About the Authors


    Todd Kettler, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas. He has been a teacher of gifted students and a gifted program director. In his current role, he teaches graduate courses in gifted education.

    As informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking, “Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students” should be considered essential reading for anyone developing a gifted and talented school curriculum for public or private school systems. An invaluable contribution to professional and academic library Educational Studies reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.,Midwest Book Review, 11/1/15
    This thought-provoking book will challenge educators of all grades to change the way they think about educating gifted students.,Gifted Child Today, 3/16/16
    This text leaves us feeling hopeful and with many ideas for improving curriculum. We would highly recommend that gifted teachers, advanced content teachers, gifted coordinators, school administrators, gifted educators, and university professors all read this book.,Janet Tassell,Teachers College Record, 2/22/18