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Modern Security Studies: Modern Security Studies

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This series fills a known gap in modern security studies literature by pursuing a curated, forward-looking editorial approach on looming and evergreen security challenges.  Short and long form works will be considered with an eye towards developing content that is widely suitable for instruction and research alike.  Works adhere around the series’ four main categories: Controversies, Cases, Trends and Primers.  We invite proposals that pay particular attention to controversies in international security, notably those that have resulted in newly exposed and poorly defined risks to non-state legitimacy, international or state capacities to act, and shifts in global governance.  Case studies should examine recent historical events and security-related actions that have altered present day understanding or political calculations.  Trends will need to detail future yet tangible concerns in a 5-10 year timeframe.  Authors are also invited to submit proposals to our primers category for short form works on key topics that are referenced and taught throughout security studies.

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Nuclear Modernization in the 21st Century

Nuclear Modernization in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By Aiden Warren, Philip M. Baxter
February 21, 2020

This collection examines the extent to which nuclear weapons modernization has become a significant point of concern and consideration in international security. Recent statements and substantial investments by nuclear weapon possessor states in the upkeep and modernization of their nuclear ...

Post-Cold War Anglo-American Military Intervention A Study of the Dynamics of Legality and Legitimacy

Post-Cold War Anglo-American Military Intervention: A Study of the Dynamics of Legality and Legitimacy

1st Edition

By James F. D. Fiddes
November 04, 2019

Exploring case studies from the first Gulf War to the Syria crisis, this book discusses different approaches to the use of international law and the role it plays in international power politics. Analysis of the post-Cold War overseas military involvements of Western powers has focused on their ...

NATO’s Democratic Retrenchment Hegemony After the Return of History

NATO’s Democratic Retrenchment: Hegemony After the Return of History

1st Edition

By Henrik B.L. Larsen
July 19, 2019

Exploring NATO’s post-Cold War determination to support democracy abroad, this book addresses the alliance’s adaptation to the new illiberal backlashes in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Afghanistan after the alleged ‘return of history’. The book engages the question of what has driven...

The Politics and Technology of Cyberspace

The Politics and Technology of Cyberspace

1st Edition

By Danny Steed
June 14, 2019

Addressing the problems surrounding cyber security and cyberspace, this book bridges the gap between the technical and political worlds to increase our understanding of this major security concern in our IT-dependent society, and the risks it presents. Only by establishing a sound technical ...

Verifying Nuclear Disarmament

Verifying Nuclear Disarmament

1st Edition

By Thomas E Shea
August 31, 2018

Fifty years into the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) regime, the risks of nuclear war, terrorism, and the threat of further proliferation remain. A lack of significant progress towards disarmament will cast doubt upon the viability of the NPT. By recognizing that certain fissile materials ...

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