1st Edition

Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage, Transportation, and Packaging of Horticultural Commodities

Edited By Elhadi M. Yahia Copyright 2009
    608 Pages
    by CRC Press

    608 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Modified atmosphere (MA) and controlled atmosphere (CA) technologies have great potential in a wide range of applications. The increasingly global nature of food production and the increased emphasis on reducing chemical preservatives and pesticides have put the spotlight on these centuries-old technologies. Yet until now, there have been very few current resources available, and none have covered all aspects.

    Provides extensive background on the theory and application of modified and controlled atmospheres

    Written by top international experts in research and industry, Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage, Transportation, and Packaging of Horticultural Commodities explores the science and application of the modified atmosphere (MA) and the controlled atmosphere (CA). It covers all technological applications, including storage, transport, and packaging for all fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals of temperate, subtropical, and tropical origin. Tracing the historical developments of these technologies, it provides information on the ideal conditions to be used for many horticultural commodities. It also outlines the effects of MA and CA on the physiology and biochemistry of these commodities as well as on their flavor and quality.


    Providing the most comprehensive resource on all basic and applied aspects of these technologies, the text also reviews the vast amount of literature already written on this topic. This extensive work captures, for the first time, the entire subject of MA and CA, presenting a complete review of the technological aspects of this important development in food safety and preservation.

    Introduction. Storage Technology and Applications. Transport Technology and Applications. Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Technology and Applications. Gas Exchange Modeling. Effects on Nutritional Quality. Effects on Flavor. Effects on Physiological Disorders. Effects on Decay. Microbial Safety of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Fresh-Cut Produce. Effects on Insects. Pome Fruits. Stone Fruits. Subtropical Fruits. Small Fruit and Berries. Tropical Fruits. Vegetables. Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-Cut Produce. Ornamentals and Cut Flowers. Dried Fruits and Tree Nuts. Economic Benefits of Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Biochemical and Molecular Aspects of Modified and Controlled Atmospheres. Future Research and Application Needs. Index


    Elhadi M. Yahia