Molecular Systematics and Plant Evolution  book cover
1st Edition

Molecular Systematics and Plant Evolution

ISBN 9780748409082
Published August 19, 1999 by CRC Press
502 Pages

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Book Description

Molecular Systematics and Plant Evolution discusses the diversity and evolution of plants with a molecular approach. It looks at population genetics, phylogeny (history of evolution) and developmental genetics, to provide a framework from which to understand evolutionary patterns and relationships amongst plants. The international panel of contributors are all respected systematists and evolutionary biologists, who have brought together a wide range of topics from the forefront of research while keeping the text accessible to students. It has been written for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in the fields of botany, systematics, population / conservation genetics, phylogenetics and evolutionary biology.

Table of Contents

1. Using Organelle Markers to Elucidate the History, Ecology and Evolution of Plant Populations R.A. Ennos, W.T. Sinclair, X.-S. Hu and A. Langdon 2. Isolation Within Species and the History of Glacial Refugia C. Ferris, R.A King and G.M. Hewitt 3. The Use of Uniparentally Inherited Simple Sequence Repeat Markers in Plant Population Studies and Systematics J. Provan, N. Soranzo, N.J. McNicol, M. Morgante and W. Powell 4. The Use of RAPD Data in the Analysis of Population Genetic Structure: Case-studies of Alkanna (Boraginaceae) and Plantago (Plantaginaceae) K. Wolff and M. Morgan-Richards 5. Metapopulation Dynamics and Maring-system Evolution in Plants S.C.H. Barrett, J.R. Pannell 6. Identifying Multiple Origins in Polyploid Homosporous Pteridophytes J.C. Vogel, J.A. Barrett, F.J. Rumsey and M. Gibby 7. Population Genetic Structure in Agamospermous Plants R.J. Gornall 8. Monophyly, Populations and Species J.I. Davis 9. Reticulate Evolution in the Mediterranean Species Complex of Senecio Sect. Senecio: Uniting Phylogenetic and Population-level Approaches H.P. Comes and R.J. Abbott 10. The Value of Genomic In Situ Hybridization (GISH) in Plant Taxonomic and Evolutionary Studies C.A. Stace and J.P. Bailey 11. RAPDs in Systematics - a Useful Methodology? S.A. Harris 12. Nuclear Protein-coding Genes in Phylogeny Reconstruction and Homology Assessment: Some Examples From Leguminosae J.J. Doyle and J.L. Doyle 13. Spectral Analysis - a Brief Introduction M.A. Charleston and R.D.M. Page 14. Ribosomal DNA Sequences and Angiosperm Systematics M.A. Hershkovitz, E.A. Zimmer and W.J. Hahn 15. Proteins Encoded in Sequenced Chloroplast Genomes: an Overview of Gene Content, Phylogenetic Information and Endosymbiotic Transfer to the Nucleus B. Stoebe, S. Hansmann, V. Goremykin, K.V. Kowallik and W. Martin 16. Phylogenetics and Diversification in Pelargonium F.T. Bakker, A. Culham and M. Gibby 17. Integrating Molecular Phylogenies and Developmental Genetics: a Gesneriaceae Case Study M. Möller, M. Clokie, P. Cubas and Q.C.B. Cronk 18. Inferior Ovaries and Angiosperm Diversification M.H.G. Gustafasson and V.A. Albert 19. Intergrating Molecular and Morphological Evidence of Evolutionary Radiations R.M. Bateman Albert, The New York Botanical Garden, UK, J.P. Bailey, University of Leicester, UK, F.T. Bakker, University of Reading, UK, J.A. Barrett, University of Cambridge, UK, S.C.H. Barrett, University of Toronto, UK, R.M. Bateman, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK, M.A. Charleston, University of Oxford, UK, M. Clokie, University of Leicester, UK, H.P. Comes, Institut für Spezielle Botanik und Botanisher Garten, Germany, Q.C.B. Cronk, University of Edinburgh, UK, P. Cubas, Institut Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias, Spain, A. Culham, University of Reading, UK, J.I. Davis, Cornell University, USA, J.J. Doyle, Cornell University, USA, J.L. Doyle, Cornell University, USA, R.A. Ennos, University of Edinburgh, UK, C. Ferris, University of Leicester, UK, M. Gibby, The Natural History Museum, UK, V. Goremykin, Hans-Knöll-Institut für Naturstoff-Forschung, Germany, R.J. Gornall, University of Leicester, UK, M.H.G. Gustafsson, The New York Botanical Garden, USA, W.J. Hahn, Columbia University, USA, S. Hansmann, Technische Universität Braunschwieg, Germany, S.A. Harris, University of Oxford, UK, M.A. Hershovitz, Laboratory of Molecular Systematics, UK, G.M. Hewitt, University of East Anglia, UK, X-S. Hu, University of Edinburgh, UK, R.A. King, University of Leicester, UK, K.V. Kowallik, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany, A. Langdon, University of Edinburgh, UK, W. Martin, Technische Universität Braunschwieg, Germany, J.W. McNicol, Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK, M. Möller, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, UK, M. Morgan-Richards, Otago University, New Zealand, M. Morgante, Universita di Udine, Italy, R.D.M. Page, University of Glasgow, UK, J.R. Pannell, University of Oxford, UK, W. Powell, DuPont Agricultural Biotech, USA, J. Provan, Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK, F.J. Rumsey, The Natural History Museum, UK, W.T. Sincalir, The Scottish Agricultural College, UK, N. Soranzo, Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK, C.A. Stace, University of Leicester, UK, B. Stoebe, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany, J.C. Vogel, The Natural History Museum, UK, N.J. Wilson, Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK, K. Wolff, The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, E.A. Zimmer, Laboratory of Molecular Systematics, USA.

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