1st Edition

Monetary Stability in Europe

By Stefan Collignon Copyright 2002

    In this book, the author presents fresh perspectives on the theories surrounding European Monetary Union. Urging the reader to examine conventional ideas from new viewpoints, he discusses the events which led to EMU, analyses the current situation, and projects possible futures.
    Essential reading for academics and professionals concerned with the background and implications of EMU, this book will also be of considerable interest to scholars in the fields of European studies, monetary economics, international economics and economic history.

    1. Why Stable Money Matters or: the Loss of Paradise 2. After Bretton Woods: the World of Bloc Floating 3. International Consequences of Bloc Floating 4. The Instability of the Bloc Floating Regime 5. A Fresh Look at Optimum Currency Area Theory 6. Is EMU Sustainable? 7. Sustaining Price Stability 8. Monetary Policy and Structural Unemployment


    Stefan Collignon