1st Edition

Money for Good Grades and Other Myths About Motivating Kids Strategies for Parents and Teachers

By Barbara R. Blackburn Copyright 2019
    144 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    144 Pages
    by Eye On Education

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    In this helpful resource, the author guides parents through the top eight myths about motivation and reveals what really works for kids. Each chapter is filled with practical information and stories that help you understand how to handle a variety of situations related to your child’s success at school.

    Chapters also include specific classroom connections for each strategy, so you can begin proactively working with your child's teacher. With the accessible advice in this book, you’ll be able to reach your child more effectively so that he or she is more motivated from within, and more successful in school and beyond!


    1. Myth One: Motivating with Rewards is the Best Option  2. Myth Two: What Your Child Cares About Doesn’t Matter  3. Myth Three: It’s Not About Your Relationship with Your Kids  4. Myth Four: Expectations for Your Child are Not Important  5. Myth Five: It’s Okay for Your Kid to Fail All the Time  6. Myth Six: It’s OK for Your Kid to Get Stuck  7. Competition, Grading, and Homework are No Big Deal  8. If I Do Everything Right: My Child Will Be Motivated


    Barbara R. Blackburn, Ph.D., a Top 30 Global Guru in Education, has taught early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students and has served as an educational consultant for three publishing companies. In addition to speaking at conferences worldwide, she also regularly presents workshops for teachers and administrators. She is the author of more than 20 books, including the bestseller Rigor Is Not a Four-Letter Word.

    "The relatable guide starts out by discussing how to motivate kids without using rewards.  Blackburn next leads parents and teachers to evaluate their relationship with the child. Moving the focus to competition and failing, Blackburn provides real life examples, based upon her past experiences, that create a vivid backdrop for her suggestions."
    -Julianna Maurer, MiddleWeb