1st Edition

Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny

Edited By Norman MacLeod, Peter L. Forey Copyright 2002

    Generally, biologists and mathematicians who study the shape and form of organisms have largely been working in isolation from those who work on evolutionary relationships through the analysis of common characteristics. Increasingly however, dialogue between the two communities is beginning to develop - but other than a handful of journal papers, there has been no formal, published discussion on this subject. This timely book summarises the interdisciplinary work that has taken place to date and will stimulate additional research into these topics. Any scientist working on evolutionary relationships will find this volume invaluable.

    Introduction: Morphology, Shape and Phylogenetics, N. Macleod and P. Forey

    Homology, Characters and Continuous Variables, C.J. Humphries

    Quantitative Characters, Phylogenies, and Morphometrics, J. Felsenstein

    Scaling, Polymorphism and Cladistic Analysis, T.C. Rae

    Overlapping Variables in Botanical Systems, G. Reid and K. Sidwell

    Comparability, Morphometrics and Phylogenetic Systematics, D.L. Swiderski, M.L. Zelditch, and W.L. Fink

    Phylogenetic Signals in Morphometric Data, N. Macleod

    Creases as Morphometric Characters, F.L. Bookstein

    Geometric Morphometrics and Phylogeny, F.J. Rohlf

    A Parametric Bootstrap Approach to the Detection of Phylogenetic Signals in Landmark Data, T.M. Cole III, S. Lele, and J.T. Richtsmeier

    Phylogenetic Tests for Differences in Shape and the Importance of Divergence Times: Eldredge's Enigma Explored, P.D. Polly

    Ancestral States and Evolutionary Rates of Continuous Characters, A.J. Webster and A. Purvis

    Modelling the Evolution of Continuously Varying Characters on Phylogenetic Trees: The Case of Hominid Cranial Capacity



    Norman MacLeod, Peter L. Forey