1st Edition

Motivation: Theory and Research

ISBN 9781138994249
Published November 18, 2016 by Routledge
342 Pages

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Book Description

Designed for professionals and graduate students in the personality/social, military, and educational psychology, and assessment/evaluation communities, this volume explores the state of the art in motivational research for individuals and teams from multiple theoretical viewpoints as well as their effects in both schools and training environments.

The great majority of education and training R&D is focused on the cognitive dimensions of learning, for instance, the acquisition and retention of knowledge and skills. Less attention has been given in the literature and in the design of education and training itself to motivational variables and their influence on performance. As such, this book is unique in the following montage of factors:

* a focus on motivation of teams or groups as well as individuals;
* an examination of the impact of motivation on performance (and, thus, also on cognition) rather than only on motivation itself;
* research in training as well as educational settings.

The data reported were collected in various venues including schools, laboratories and field settings. The chapter authors are the researchers that, in many cases, have defined the state of the art in motivation.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. M. Drillings, H.F. O'Neil, Jr., Introduction to Motivation: Theory and Research. Part I: Theoretical Approaches. E.A. Locke, G.P. Latham, Goal Setting Theory. S. Graham, Classroom Motivation From an Attributional Perspective. B.L. McCombs, Strategies for Assessing and Enhancing Motivation: Keys to Promoting Self-Regulated Learning and Performance. R.E. Snow, D.N. Jackson, Individual Differences in Conation: Selected Constructs and Measures. J.N. Hawkins, Issues of Motivation in Asian Education. R. Rueda, L.C. Moll, A Sociocultural Perspective on Motivation. Part II: Motivation of Groups. R.W. Swezey, A.L. Meltzer, E. Salas, Some Issues Involved in Motivating Teams. G.L. Siebold, The Relation Between Soldier Motivation, Leadership, and Small Unit Performance. W.C. Banks, Psychological Resistance in Task Motivation and Performance. J. Franken, H.F. O'Neil, Jr., Stress Induced Anxiety of Individuals and Teams in a Simulator Environment. Part III: Motivation of Individuals. C.D. Spielberger, L.M. Starr, Curiosity and Exploratory Behavior. H.F. O'Neil, Jr., J. Abedi, C.D. Spielberger, The Measurement and Teaching of Creativity. S. Pogrow, G. Londer, The Effects of an Intensive General Thinking Program on the Motivation and Cognitive Development of At-Risk Students: Findings From the HOTS Program. F.A. Mael, L.A. White, Motivated to Lead: Dispositional and Biographical Antecedents of Leadership Performance.

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