1st Edition

Multi-Agent Systems Simulation and Applications

Edited By Adelinde M. Uhrmacher, Danny Weyns Copyright 2009
    582 Pages 194 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Methodological Guidelines for Modeling and Developing MAS-Based Simulations

    The intersection of agents, modeling, simulation, and application domains has been the subject of active research for over two decades. Although agents and simulation have been used effectively in a variety of application domains, much of the supporting research remains scattered in the literature, too often leaving scientists to develop multi-agent system (MAS) models and simulations from scratch.

    Multi-Agent Systems: Simulation and Applications provides an overdue review of the wide ranging facets of MAS simulation, including methodological and application-oriented guidelines. This comprehensive resource reviews two decades of research in the intersection of MAS, simulation, and different application domains. It provides scientists and developers with disciplined engineering approaches to modeling and developing MAS-based simulations. After providing an overview of the field’s history and its basic principles, as well as cataloging the various simulation engines for MAS, the book devotes three sections to current and emerging approaches and applications.

    Simulation for MAS — explains simulation support for agent decision making, the use of simulation for the design of self-organizing systems, the role of software architecture in simulating MAS, and the use of simulation for studying learning and stigmergic interaction.

    MAS for Simulation — discusses an agent-based framework for symbiotic simulation, the use of country databases and expert systems for agent-based modeling of social systems, crowd-behavior modeling, agent-based modeling and simulation of adult stem cells, and agents for traffic simulation.

    Tools — presents a number of representative platforms and tools for MAS and simulation, including Jason, James II, SeSAm, and RoboCup Rescue.

    Complete with over 200 figures and formulas, this reference book provides the necessary overview of experiences with MAS simulation and the tools needed to exploit simulation in MAS for future research in a vast array of applications including home security, computational systems biology, and traffic management.



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    Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation: A Survey from the Agent Community's Perspective; Fabien Michel, Jacques Ferber, and Alexis Drogoul

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    Replicator Dynamics in Discrete and Continuous Strategy Spaces; Karl Tuyls and Ronald Westra

    Stigmergic Cues and Their Uses in Coordination; An Evolutionary Approach; Luca Tummolini, Marco Mirolli, and Cristiano Castelfranchi


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    RoboCup Rescue: Challenges and Lessons Learned; Tomoichi Takahashi

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    Adelinde M. Uhrmacher, Danny Weyns