1st Edition

Muon Science Muons in Physics, Chemistry and Materials

Edited By S.L Lee, R Cywinski, S.H Kilcoyne Copyright 1999

    Muon science is rapidly assuming a central role in scientific and technological studies of the solid state within the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and materials science. Muon Science: Muons in Physics, Chemistry and Materials presents key developments in both theoretical and experimental aspects of muon spin relaxation, rotation, and resonance. Assuming no prior expertise in muon science, the book guides readers from introductory material to the latest developments in the field. The internationally renowned expert contributors cover topics in muon instrumentation and muon science applications that include muon production, beamlines and instrumentation, muonium chemistry, muon catalyzed fusion, fundamental muon physics, ultra-cold muons, magnetism, superconductivity, diffusion, semiconductors, simulations, and data analysis. The book maintains consistent notation and nomenclature throughout as well as cross-referencing and continuity between the contributions. It provides an excellent introduction to both new and experienced muon beam scientists and graduate students wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

    USR: an introduction (J H Brewer and R Cywinksi). Muon production: past, present and future (G H Eaton and S H Kilcoyne). Static magnetic properties of metallic systems (A Schenck). uSR relaxation functions in magnetic materials (Y J Uemura). Spin fluctuations in itinerant magnets (B D Rainford). Dynamics of spin glasses (I A Campbell). Using muons to probe the vortex lattice in superconductors (S Lee). Universal correlations in unconventional superconductors (Y J Uemara and R Cywinski). Aspects of muon chemistry (E Roduner). uSR and NMR: fundamental concepts and selected examples (R DeRenzi). Muonium states and dynamics (S F J Cox). Mass and charge transport in condensed matter via uSR (V G Storchak). Exotic applications of muons: from fusion to the life sciences (K Nagamine). Physics and applications of low energy muons (E Morenzoni). Aspects of fundamental muon physics (K P Jungmann). Appendix: Aspects of data treatment for transverse uSR (B D Rainford).


    S.L Lee