1st Edition

Murder, Wrongful Conviction and the Law An International Comparative Analysis

Edited By Jon Robins Copyright 2023
    276 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This collection brings together international experts to present a comparative analysis of wrongful conviction and criminal procedure. The volume takes an interdisciplinary approach with authors drawn from a broad range of backgrounds including law, psychology, forensics and journalism. All are experts in their field with direct experience of the investigation of wrongful conviction in their own countries. Focusing on the main areas of concern in their own jurisdiction, each author discusses common themes, including: the extent of the problem; the types of cases that feature in miscarriages of justice; the legal mechanism for the correction of a wrongful conviction; compensation for the wrongly convicted; public awareness and concern about the issue generally and in light of highprofile cases; and the extent to which wrongful conviction has driven criminal justice reform. The book will be essential reading for students, researchers and policy-makers interested in comparative law, criminology and psychology.

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    Chapter 1: Miscarriages of justice in England and Wales
    Jon Robins

    Chapter 2: Miscarriages of justice in France
    Grégoire Etrillard and Cyrille Rossant

    Chapter 3: Miscarriages of justice in Germany
    Fredericke Leuschner and Martin Rettenberger

    Chapter 4: Miscarriages of justice in the Netherlands
    Linda Geven and Karien van den Doel

    Chapter 5: Miscarriages of Justice in the Italian Criminal System
    Luca Lupária, Martina Cagossi and Marco Pittiruti

    Chapter 6: Miscarriages of Justice in Spain
    Guadalupe Blanco Velasco, Nuria Sánchez and Linda Marjoleine Geven

    Chapter 7: Miscarriages of justice in Norway
    Ulf Stridbeck and Tim Brennen

    Chapter 8: Miscarriages of justice in Sweden
    Minna Gräns

    Chapter 9: Miscarriages of justice in the United States
    Justin Brooks

    Chapter 10: Miscarriages of justice in Canada
    Kent Roach and Felicity Williams

    Chapter 11: Miscarriages of justice in Australia
    Robyn Blewer, Lynne Weathered, Rachel Dioso-Villa and Jason Murakami

    Chapter 12: Miscarriages of Justice in New Zealand
    Mike White

    Chapter 13: Miscarriages of justice in Argentina
    Manuel Garrido, Camila Brenda Calvo and Lara Benítez

    Chapter 14: Miscarriages of justice in Taiwan
    Mong-Hwa Chin and Tze-Wei Lin

    Chapter 15: A Comparative and International Perspective on Miscarriages of Justice
    Jago Russell



    Jon Robins is a lecturer in Criminology at Brighton University and a freelance journalist with over 25 years of experience of writing about criminal justice issues for national newspapers and magazines.