296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    Museums have moved from a product to a marketing focus within the last ten years. This has entailed a painful reorientation of approaches to understanding visitors as ‘customers’; new ways of fundraising and sponsorship as government funding decreases; and grappling with using the internet for marketing. This book brings the latest in marketing thinking to bear on the museum sector taking into account both the commercial issues and social mission it involves. Carefully structured to be highly accessible the book offers:

    * A contemporary and relevant and global approach to museum marketing written by authors in Britain, Australia, the United States, and Asia

    * An approach that reflects the particular challenges museums of varying sizes face when seeking to market an experience to a diverse set of stakeholders:

    audience; funders; sponsors and government.

    * A particular focus on museum marketing in the 'Information Age'

    * Major case studies at the beginning and end of each section of the book, and smaller case studies within chapters

    The hugely experienced author team, includes both leading academics and practitioners to ensure the book has broad appeal and is both relevant, innovative and progressive in approach. It will be essential reading for students in museum studies, non-profit marketing, and arts management and marketing. It will also be equally relevant for professionals working in and managing museums and galleries, heritage attractions and ministries of arts.

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    Part A: Museums: marketing in the Global Marketplace

    Major Case Study: Dr Annette van den Bosch Marketing Quai Branley Paris

    Theme contributors
    • Associate Professor Ruth Rentschler Deakin University Museum Marketing Then and Now
    • Amelia Bartak Deakin University ‘On-line marketing in the information age’
    • Michelle Loh and Wee Wen Liew Singapore Art Museum and Singapore University ‘E-Marketing and Communication and the International Tourist’

    Major Case Study: Dr Huong Le Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    Part B: The Audience Experience in a leisure context

    Major Case Study: Shape Shifters: from edification to edutainment in the museum, Dr Leonie Lockstone, Victoria University

    Theme contributors
    • Dirk von Lehm Kings College University London ‘Unpacking the Audience's Response: video-based field studies in museum and galleries’.
    • Alix Slater and Dr Stuart Davies University of Greenwich ‘The genie in the lamp: realising the potential of UK museums’
    • Dr Pamm Kellett Deakin University Tennis from Mega Event to Attraction: Engaging spectators in the history of tennis
    • Daragh O’Reilly UK ‘Curating Popular Music Art and Artefacts: Exhibiting New Model Army's 25 Years of Punk/Rock Culture’

    Major Case Study: Dr Pamm Kellett Marketing sports museum collections

    Part C: Marketing, revenue and retail

    Major Case Study: Dr Linda Young Deakin University ‘Satisfying heritage museum visitors in house museums’

    Theme contributors
    • Associate Professor Sandra Mottner Western Washington University, USA ‘Retailing and the museum’
    • Dr Anne-Marie Hede Deakin University ‘Branding’
    • Stefan Toepfler, USA, and Volker Kirchberg Germany ‘Museums, Merchandising and Marketing’
    • Dr Carol Scott Powerhouse Museum ‘Doing a Brand Audit’

    Case Study: Martha Phillips and Daragh O’Reilly UK ‘Rethinking Art Museum 'Brands': A Cross-Disciplinary Critique’

    Part D: Museum Marketing Culture

    Major Case Study: Associate Professor Ruth Rentschler ‘Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Markets itself’

    Theme contributors

    • Dr Derrick Chong ‘The rise and rise of museum marketing discourse’ Royal Holloway School of Management University of London
    • Fiona McLean and Mark O'Neill Head of Glasgow Museums ‘The Social Museum and its Implications for Marketing'
    • Jonathan Sweet Deakin University ‘Museum architecture and design: mediating the visitor experience’
    • Major Case Study: Marketing Indigenous Museums Megan Cardamone Deakin University (This might be able to become a theme contribution as it is quite long –may need to write another case ourselves)

    Major Case Study: Associate Professor Sandra Mottner Collaborative marketing of American historical houses

    Major Case Study: Suzette Major and Tamarisk Sutherland Te Papa and Tower Ltd Partnership
    Tools and Contacts

    Web sites, government instrumentalities, private museums, organisations and individuals who can help museum marketers find resources for the future

    Notes on authors


    Ruth Rentschler