1st Edition

Music \= Cultures in Contact Convergences and Collisions

By Margaret J. Kartomi, Stephen Blum Copyright 1994

    Contact between cultures may also lead to rejection as well as suppression of certain types of music. This process leads to such unfavorable circumstances as abandonment of entire works, genres or concepts or loss of instruments; yet such conflicts may also generate new and more positive creative achievements. Contributors include Andrew Alter, Tan Sooi Beng, Zdravko Blazekovic, Stephen Blum, Lê Tuân Hùng, Margaret J. Kartomi, Marcello Sorce Keller, Margarita Mazo, Bruno Nettl, Don Niles, William Noll, Jann Pasler, Ankica Petrovic, Chris Saumaiwai, John M. Schechter, Graeme Smith, Doris Stockmann, Sumarsam, and S. Venkatraman. Music -- Cultures in Contact examines how and why change occurs in musical culture, particularly change engendered by contact between two or many impinging cultures, sub-cultures or classes within a culture. This contact can have positive or negative effects. It may result in an influx of new musical ideas, leading to a greater level of crea

    Chapter 1 Synthesis in the Culture of Scholarship: Problems in Investigating and Documenting the Archaic and Modern Styles of Yoiking by the Sami in Scandinavia; Chapter 2 The Eastern Roots of Ancient Yugoslav Music, ;


    Kartomi, Margaret J.; Blum, Stephen

    "05/13/02, Ethnodoxology."