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Experiencing of Musical Sound A Prelude to a Phenomenology of Music

Experiencing of Musical Sound: A Prelude to a Phenomenology of Music

1st Edition

By F. J. Smith
February 12, 1979

First Published in 1979. This book represents the work done by its author to begin to lay the ground musically and philosophically for enormous tasks that still remain to be done and may require a team of researchers in various fields relating to experiential phenomena. Coming from a background of ...

Witnesses and Scholars Studies in Musical Biography

Witnesses and Scholars: Studies in Musical Biography

1st Edition

By H. Lenneberg
February 12, 1988

First Published in 1988. This is Volume 5 of seven in the Musicology: A Book Series. Witnesses and Scholars, is a collection studies in musical biography. The series covers a creative range of musical topics, from historical and theoretical subjects to social and philosophical studies. Volumes thus...

Critica Musica Essays in Honour of Paul Brainard

Critica Musica: Essays in Honour of Paul Brainard

1st Edition

By J. Knowles
January 17, 2019

This is Volume 18 of eighteen in a book series on Musicology. Originally published in 1996, this is a collection of essays in honor or Paul Brainard. Critica Musica-thinking critically about music-is at the heart of Paul Brainard's long career, and of his legacy to his students, colleagues, and ...

Music and Its Social Meanings

Music and Its Social Meanings

1st Edition

By Christopher Ballantine
January 05, 1988

First Published in 1984.  This is the second volume in a series on musicology and related areas edited by F. Joseph Smith. Deciphering the specific social characteristics of music has long lagged behind the analytical dissection of musical composition and biographical musicology. The essays in...

Songs of the Dove and the Nightingale Sacred and Secular Music c.900-c.1600

Songs of the Dove and the Nightingale: Sacred and Secular Music c.900-c.1600

1st Edition

Edited By Greta Mary Hair, Robyn E. Smith
May 11, 1995

The Musical Repertories of the Liturgy of Southern Italy and Beneventan Sources, Alleluia Melodies after 1100, and the change in transmission of instrumental music in Fifteenth-Century Europe are provided. John McCaughey's concert programme of medieval troped chants for Pentecost juxtaposed with ...

Late Renaissance Music at the Hapsburg Court

Late Renaissance Music at the Hapsburg Court

1st Edition

By C. P. Comberiati
October 03, 2017

First Published in 1987. This study presents the background for the sacred musical patronage at the court, with specific reference to the polyphonic settings of the Mass Ordinary - during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II (1576-1612). One function of the present work is to collect the ...

Regarding Faure

Regarding Faure

1st Edition

Edited By Tom Gordon
February 28, 2016

Regarding Fauré , the result of a 1995 conference on Fauré's important contribution to classical music, was written by Tom Gordon, artistic director the Ensemble Musica Nova and a professor in the Department of music at Bishop's University in Quebec. Also included are contributions from...

The Dissemination of Music Studies in the History of Music Publishing

The Dissemination of Music: Studies in the History of Music Publishing

1st Edition

Edited By Hans Lenneberg
January 21, 2016

The contributors are leading scholars from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Italy. The essays examine the history of music publishing from its inception to the early twentieth century. The Dissemination of Music provides new insight into the social history of music, illustrating how...

Trombone Its History and Music, 1697-1811

Trombone: Its History and Music, 1697-1811

1st Edition

By D. M. Guion
December 18, 2015

First Published in 1988. Though many standard musicological reference works document the use of the trombone from its beginning in the middle of the seventeenth century, and then from Mozart to the present, few deal with the intervening years. This book reproduces the texts from two dozen treatises...

Music \= Cultures in Contact Convergences and Collisions

Music \= Cultures in Contact: Convergences and Collisions

1st Edition

By Margaret J. Kartomi, Stephen Blum
December 15, 1994

Contact between cultures may also lead to rejection as well as suppression of certain types of music. This process leads to such unfavorable circumstances as abandonment of entire works, genres or concepts or loss of instruments; yet such conflicts may also generate new and more positive creative ...

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