1st Edition

Witnesses and Scholars Studies in Musical Biography

By H. Lenneberg Copyright 1988

    First Published in 1988. This is Volume 5 of seven in the Musicology: A Book Series. Witnesses and Scholars, is a collection studies in musical biography. The series covers a creative range of musical topics, from historical and theoretical subjects to social and philosophical studies. Volumes thus far published show the extent of this broad spectrum. disciplinary studies, ethnomusicological works, and performance analyses. With this series, it is the aim to expand the field and definition of musical exploration and research.

    Introduction to the Series


    Biography and History

    Collecting Musical Biographies in the Eighteenth Century

    Giorgio Vasari and Musical Biography

    Toward a Composite Portrait of the

    Eighteenth-Century Musician

    Collective Biography and National Pride

    Witnesses, Scholars and Would-Be Scholars:

    Musical Biography at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century

    The Composer as Romantic Hero

    Around Wasielewski and his Schumann Biography

    The Memoirs of Eduard Hanslick

    Does Documentary Biography Have a Future?

    Autobiography, Creativity and Musical Meaning




    H. Lennerberg