1st Edition

Music Artist Managers Remuneration and Retention in the Popular Music Business

By Guy Morrow Copyright 2025
    138 Pages
    by Routledge

    To what extent is it possible to do good work in music artist management? Drawing upon original research, this shortform book explores and evaluates motivation, remuneration and equity stakes within the music industries.

    The author ponders the apparent managerial exodus from the music industries and whether this brain drain could be addressed by providing better remuneration via equity. Based on evidence from Australia, the book illuminates how pay in this sector has remained flat despite increasing responsibility.

    Emphasising the quality of the subjective experience of music artist managers, this concise book provides readers with new insights into the important role managers play in the music business. The result is a book that will be useful reading for academics and reflective practitioners.

    Introduction 1. What is music artist management? 2. Managers in the music business: A theoretical framework 3. Management work in the music business: Issues and challenges 4. The ever-expanding role of music artist managers 5. New models for music artist manager retention. Conclusion


    Guy Morrow is Senior Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

    “With this book, Guy Morrow provides a much-needed framework to better understanding the increasingly complex business of music artist management. The book combines rigorous theoretical frameworks with research and updated cases, making the book an essential contribution to the field.” Daniel Nordgård, Professor, University of Agder, Norway

    "Guy Morrow is the world's leading researcher in the field of music management and with this book he has set another milestone in exploring the challenging job of music managers in changing times. "Music Artist Managers" is an excellent contribution to understanding the multi-faceted roles of music managers and highlights the new models of music management in the digital age. The book is a MUST read for anyone researching the music industry, especially those interested in music management.” Peter Tschmuck, Music Business Researcher, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria

    “The role of music artist manager is complex and often contradictory as Morrow makes clear in ‘Music Artist Managers: Remuneration and Retention in the Popular Music Business’. Using primary research to examine this key relationship in the popular music supply chain Morrow raises important questions and offers interesting solutions.” Sally Anne Gross, Reader in Music Business. University of Westminster, London, England

    “There are so many parallels between the issues that Guy identifies facing music managers in Australia which are also being discussed here the UK including expanded job role, increased workload, lack of boundaries, financial insecurity and long payback on investment in artist development.  This excellent book is worth a read for all global music managers. As well as outlining the challenges they face, it also outlines potential solutions by exploring more modern and flexible management agreements which reflect the time managers invest in artist development. Highly recommended.” Annabella ColdrickChief Executive, Music Managers Forum (UK)

    “A vital addition to any music business or artist development reading list. Dr Guy Morrow’s ‘Music Artist Managers: Remuneration and Retention in the Popular Music Business’ presents a cogent, cohesive argument for rethinking the roles, responsibility, and renumeration of artist management in five succinct chapters.” Julia Toppin, University of Westminster, UK