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Routledge Focus on the Global Creative Economy

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This innovative shortform book series aims to provoke and inspire new ways of thinking, new interpretations, emerging research, and insights from different fields. In rethinking the relationship of creative economies and societies beyond the traditional frameworks, the series is intentionally inclusive. Featuring diverse voices from around the world, books in the series bridge scholarship and practice across arts and cultural management, the creative industries and the global creative economy.

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Music Artist Managers Remuneration and Retention in the Popular Music Business

Music Artist Managers: Remuneration and Retention in the Popular Music Business

1st Edition


By Guy Morrow
July 16, 2024

To what extent is it possible to do good work in music artist management? Drawing upon original research, this shortform book explores and evaluates motivation, remuneration and equity stakes within the music industries. The author ponders the apparent managerial exodus from the music industries ...

Innovation in the Arts Concepts, Theories, and Practices

Innovation in the Arts: Concepts, Theories, and Practices

1st Edition


By Jason C. White
May 27, 2024

This concise guide aims to increase what we understand by innovation in the arts and identify and support opportunities and strategies for the unique ways in which artists and arts administrators think about, engage in, and pursue successful innovation in their diverse creative practice. ...

Creative Economy and Sustainable Development The Context of Indian Handicrafts

Creative Economy and Sustainable Development: The Context of Indian Handicrafts

1st Edition

By Madhura Dutta
December 22, 2023

The creative economy is one of the world’s most dynamic sectors. Drawing upon the author’s work on empowerment and sustainability, this book focuses on India's indigenous, rural, traditional handicraft-based creative and cultural industries (CCIs) and the role they can play in the country’s ...

Global Crisis and the Creative Industries Analysing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Global Crisis and the Creative Industries: Analysing the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

1st Edition

By Ryan Daniel
November 08, 2023

Workers in the creative industries are highly motivated, resilient, and innovative and these characteristics have come to the fore during the global health and resultant economic crises enveloping the world. This shortform book analyses transformation in the arts as a result of this era of ...

Creative Work Beyond Precarity Learning to Work Together

Creative Work Beyond Precarity: Learning to Work Together

1st Edition

By Tim Butcher
August 18, 2023

This book offers an original critical evaluation of how freelance careers can be established and sustained in the increasingly uncertain global creative economy. Developing from the author’s theoretical and empirical research at the nexus of precarious work and entrepreneurial learning, it ...

Youth Culture and the Music Industry in Contemporary Cambodia Questioning Tradition

Youth Culture and the Music Industry in Contemporary Cambodia: Questioning Tradition

1st Edition

By Darathtey Din
July 25, 2023

This book explores young Cambodians’ perceptions of their place in today’s society and how they interact with the country’s arts and culture scene. The popularity of Cambodian hip-hop among youth presents an opportunity for research to dive deeper into the roles of popular music in society and how ...

Digitization and Culture in Vietnam

Digitization and Culture in Vietnam

1st Edition

By Emma Duester
May 30, 2023

The accessibility of cultural resources via digital platforms is empowering Vietnamese cultural professionals to promote their culture to local and international audiences. This shortform book investigates the significance of digitization in Vietnamese culture, illuminating how cultural ...

Contemporary Exhibition-Making and Management Curating IMT Gallery as a Hybrid Space

Contemporary Exhibition-Making and Management: Curating IMT Gallery as a Hybrid Space

1st Edition

By Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson
May 23, 2023

This book provides a unique insight into contemporary curation and management in an innovative London-based gallery. Using a critical in-depth case study exploration of IMT art gallery’s ‘successes’ and ‘failures’, it illustrates and evaluates contemporary issues and challenges in curatorial ...

Curating, Interpretation and Museums When Attitude Becomes Form

Curating, Interpretation and Museums: When Attitude Becomes Form

1st Edition

By Sylvia Lahav
March 09, 2023

Following a period of strategic and ideological change in museums, this book outlines new attitudes in curating and display, education and learning, text and interpretation, access, inclusion, participation, space, and the issues around the sustainability of the encyclopaedic collection. Focused ...

Rethinking Cultural Centers A Nordic Perspective on Multipurpose Cultural Organizations

Rethinking Cultural Centers: A Nordic Perspective on Multipurpose Cultural Organizations

1st Edition

By Tomas Järvinen
March 07, 2023

What are cultural centers for? This book offers a unique and dynamic guide to managing these organizations, and the challenge of reconciling cultural aims with business success. Drawing on research and practice, it provides case-based insights into common managerial problems and their solutions. ...

Cultural Mediation for Museums Driving Audience Engagement

Cultural Mediation for Museums: Driving Audience Engagement

1st Edition

Edited By Michela Addis, Isabella de Stefano, Valeria Guerrisi
January 31, 2023

This book presents an innovative application of strategic and experiential marketing in the museum sector, which uses a new cultural mediation model to enrich the visitor experience via increased audience engagement. Leveraging a case study of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Arts ...

Creative Women in Ireland Not Your Muse

Creative Women in Ireland: Not Your Muse

1st Edition

By Aileen O'Driscoll
November 11, 2022

Through the contributions of women working in the creative industries, this timely book explores the role of creativity in their lives, the experiences that have positively contributed to and supported their creativity and their work, as well as how gendered considerations intersect with their ...

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