1st Edition

Music by Pedro de Cristo (c. 1550-1618)

Edited By Owen Rees Copyright 1998

    A facsimile of a previously unpublished musical manuscript. Among the major composers of the Portuguese Golden Age, Pedro de Cristo (c.1550-1618) is at present the least familiar to scholars and performers. This situation is largely due to the fact that his music was not published during his lifetime, but is preserved rather in manuscripts originating (for the most part) at the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, where he spent most of his life. The present work is an edition of the contents on one of these manuscripts -- MM 33 in Coimbra University Library -- which was copied by Pedro de Cristo himself towards the end of the sixteenth-century. It is an invaluable source of authoritative readings of his music: principally Latin motets for four or five voices. Also 198 includes musical examples.

    Part 1 Motets from Coimbra Biblioteca Geral da Universidade MM33; Chapter 1 Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes (In die Pentecostes); Chapter 2 Postquam consummati sunt; Chapter 3 Stella ista; Chapter 4 Stabat mater; Chapter 5 Angelus Domini; Chapter 6 Hodie completi sunt; Chapter 7 O sacrum convivium; Chapter 8 Panis iste verus est; Chapter 9 O prœclara stella maris; Chapter 10 O sacrum convivium; Chapter 11 Magnum hereditatis mysterium; Chapter 12 O beati viri Benedicti; Chapter 13 Virgo prudentissima; Chapter 14 Iste est Joannes; Chapter 15 Hic est beatissimus evangelista; Chapter 16 Hodie nata est; Chapter 17 Mulier quœ erat in civitate; Chapter 18 Solus inter apostolos; Chapter 19 O beatum virum Martinum; Chapter 20 O sacramentum pietatis; Chapter 21 Miserere mei Domine; Chapter 22 Non in terrestri; Chapter 23 O crux venerabilis; Chapter 24 Iste sanctus pro lege Dei; Chapter 25 Gaudeamus omnes fideles; Chapter 26 Lachrimans sitivit anima mea; Chapter 27 Fruit homo missus a Deo; Chapter 28 Virgo prudentissina; Chapter 29 Levita Laurentius; Chapter 30 Ego sum panis vivus; Chapter 31 Consurgit Christus tumulo; Chapter 32 Princeps gloriosissime; Chapter 33 O quam gloriosum est regnum (In festo omnium sanctorum); Chapter 34 Elegit te Dominus; Chapter 35 Princeps gloriosissime; Chapter 36 Valde honorandus est (In festo Sancti Joannis Evangelistœ); Chapter 37 Tua est potentia; Chapter 38 Dum transisset Sabbatum (In festo Resurrectionis); Chapter 39 Inter natos mulierum (In festo Sancti Jonnis Baptistœ); Chapter 40 Audi Israel; Chapter 41 Magi viderunt stellam; Chapter 42 Beata Dei genitrix; Chapter 43 Quœ est ista; Chapter 44 Osanna Filio David; Chapter 45 Dum transisset Sabbatum; Chapter 46 Critical Commentary;


    Rees, Owen