1st Edition

Mutagens in Food

ISBN 9781315895772
Published January 3, 2018 by CRC Press
296 Pages

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Book Description

This book describes many different kinds of mutagens that are detected in food, and also discusses various ways to suppress their formation and activities. The mutagens discussed include those of natural origin, those caused by human manipulation of food (e.g., cooking and adding preservatives), and those formed after food has been consumed (e.g., nitrosamines). Other topics include mutagenesis and mutagen-formation inhibitors, contemporary mutagen detection methods, the fate of ingested mutagens, and risk assessments for mutagens as human carcinogens. The book emphasizes cooked-food mutagens, especially the heterocyclic amines, because of their potential as human carcinogens. Researchers and students concerned with mutagens in food will consider this book to be valuable additions to their reference libraries.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Mutagens in Cooked Food 3. Dietary Carcinogens and Mutagens from Plants 4. Mutagenicity of Chemicals Added to Foods 5. Mutagen Precursors in Food. Mutagen Formation in Muscle Meats and Model Heating Systems. Nitrosatable Precursors of Mutagens in Foods. Nitrite-Reactive Phenols Present in Smoked Foods and Amino-Sugars Formed by The Maillard Reaction as Precursors of Genotoxic Arenediazonium Ions or Nitroso Compounds 6. Methods for Detection of Mutagens in Food. Methods for Separation and Detection of Heterocyclic Amines. Mycotoxins 7. Fate of Ingested Mutagens. Activation of Food Mutagens. Metabolic Fate of Heterocyclic Amines from Cooked Food 8. Mechanisms of Food-Borne Inhibitors of Genotoxicity Relevant To Cancer Prevention 9. Mutagenic and Antimutagenic Compounds in Beverages 10. Prevention of Mutagen Formation. Prevention of Heterocyclic Amine Formation in Relation to Carcinogenesis. Prevention of Nitrosamine Formation 11. Carcinogenicity of Food Mutagens and The Risk Assessment 12. Regulatory Aspects of Food Mutagens Including Food Additives and Contaminants 13. Perspectives in Food Mutagen Research.

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