1st Edition

Myg and Me: Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming

By Liz Bates Copyright 2022
    34 Pages 29 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    For effective use, this book should be purchased alongside the guidebook. Both books can be purchased together as a set, My Brilliant Brain: A Storybook and Guide for Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming, 978-1-032-06903-6

    A-myg-da-la … Amygdala. But I just say Myg. I want to tell you about Myg. How Myg looks out for me, how Myg helps to keep me safe and why Myg is always there. And why sometimes Myg works too hard and I have to take charge!

    This charming storybook introduces Myg the Amygdala within the context of ‘my brilliant brain’ – giving children usable knowledge to help them understand what happens when they feel worried or anxious.

    Alongside vibrant and engaging illustrations, this book:

    • Teaches children what anxiety is, where it comes from and why it happens.
    • Provides easy to understand and relatable context so that children can correctly identify and anticipate their emotions, helping them to understand that they can be in control of their feelings, their thoughts and their actions.
    • Shares simple strategies and encouragement for children to manage their anxiety and self-calm, teaching them that they do not have to be controlled and limited by their fears and anxieties.
    • Communicates that everyone feels anxiety and it’s OK to ask for help.

    Designed for use alongside the guidebook titled My Brilliant Brain: A Practical Resource for Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming, this book will be an important tool for teachers, support staff, therapists and parents seeking to enhance children’s resilience, wellbeing and emotional health development.

    Myg and Me: Understanding Anxiety and Implementing Self-Calming


    Liz Bates is an independent education consultant. She supports both primary and secondary schools in all aspects of Emotional Health and Wellbeing, and Safeguarding, including whole school approaches, training staff and delivering talks to parents. Liz is a Protective Behaviours Trainer, a Wellbeing Award Advisor for Optimus and a regular contributor at national conferences.