1st Edition

Nanochemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

Edited By Ashutosh Sharma, Goldie Oza Copyright 2023
    432 Pages 9 Color & 135 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    432 Pages 9 Color & 135 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book encompasses the fundamental concepts of Nanochemistry that involve the self-assemblage of nanostructures, surface stabilization, and functionalization of nanoparticles. It’s a review of the work of world-renowned scientists and is the first of its kind that gives a detailed fundamental understanding of physical, chemical, and biological methods of nanoparticle synthesis. There is a comprehension of different characterization techniques of nanoparticles. This book, for the first time, explains applications of such nanochemicals in nanomedicine, nanoimmunomedicine, lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, bioimplants, cyborgs, hydrogen storage, electrochemical splitting of water, and construction industries.

    1. Self-Assembled Nanostructures

    Amreen Khan, Manali Jadhav, Nishant Kumar Jain, Rajendra Prasad and Rohit Srivastava

    2. Surface Stabilization and Functionalities of Nanostructures

    M. Cruz-Leal, M. Ávila-Gutiérrez and E. Coutino-Gonzalez

    3. Inorganic Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications

    Victor Merupo, Jose Carlos Zarate, Alla Abramova, Noé Arjona, José Herrera-Celis, L.G. Arriaga, Ashutosh Sharma and Goldie oza

    4. Physical Methods for Synthesis of Nanoparticles

    Kailas R. Jagdeo

    5. Chemical Methods for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials

    Jagruti S. Suroshe

    6. Bionanofabrication: A Green Approach towards Nanoparticle Synthesis using Plants and Microbes

    Annika Durva Gupta and Darshana Rajput

    7. Electron Microscopy Characterization of Nanoparticles

    Diana F. Garcia-Gutierrez and Domingo I. Garcia-Gutierrez

    8. Magnetic Characterization of Nanoparticles

    Marlene González Montiel

    9. Nanostructures in Diagnostics: Bio-sensing and Lab-on-a-chip Systems

    Jan-carlo M. Díaz-González and Jannu R. Casanova-Moreno

    10. Drug-delivery using Inorganic and Organic Nanoparticles

    Juan Luis de la Fuente-Jiménez, Goldie oza, Brian A. Korgel, Abraham Ulises and Ashutosh Sharma

    11. Engineering Immunity to Disease Using Nanotechnology

    Michelle Z. Dion and Dr. Natalie Artzi

    12. Basics of Organ-On-A-Chip Technology

    Brandon Ortiz-Casas and Gloria Cristina Enríquez Cortina

    13. Overview of Nanostructured Carbon-based Catalysts: Recent Advances and Perspectives

    Mattia Bartoli, Pravin Jagdale, Mauro Giorcelli, Massimo Rovere and Alberto Tagliaferro

    14. Synthesis of Graphene onto Semi-insulating Substrates: Epitaxial Graphene on SiC and CVD Graphene on Sapphire

    Neeraj Mishra and Domenica Convertino

    15. Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage

    Bholanath Mukherjee, Vikaskumar Gupta and Suyash Agnihotri

    16. Electrochemical Water Splitting

    Bhushan Patil, A. Martinez-Lázaro, R. Escalona-Villalpando, Mayra Polett Gurrola, J. Ledesma-García and L.G. Arriaga

    17. Nanomaterials Applied in the Construction Industry

    D.L. Trejo-Arroyo, D. Pech-Núñez, J.C. Cruz, L.G. Arriaga, R.E. Vega-Azamar and M.P. Gurrola

    18. The Era of Human-Machine Hybrid: Medical Advances in Biomimetic Devices

    Mauricio A. Medina, Amanda V. Haglund, José Manuel Hernández Hernández and José Tapia Ramírez


    Prof. Dr. Ashutosh Sharma is the Director of the Regional Bioengineering Department (South-Central Region), at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. He is specialized in Plant Biotechnology, Plant Nanotechnology, Plant Genomics, and Natural Product Research. He has received several prestigious awards for his research, innovation development and teaching. He has also received National Inspirational Professor Award by Tecnologico de Monterrey, which is the highest recognition given by the university.

    Prof. Dr. Goldie Oza has a Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai (India) in 2012 specializing in Nanobiotechnology. He is currently a Professor in National Laboratory of Micro and Nanofluidics in Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica (CIDETEQ). He is specialized in Cancer Nanotheranostics, Nanobiosensing, and Organ-on-a-chip. He guided many Ph.D. and Masters Students. He has written a book on Bionanotechnology and published many peer-reviewed articles in internationally esteemed journals.