1st Edition

Nanomedicine and the Cardiovascular System

Edited By Ross J. Hunter, Victor R. Preedy Copyright 2012
    486 Pages 49 Color & 89 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The nanosciences are a rapidly expanding field of research with applicability to all areas of health and disease prevention, including cardiology in its broadest sense. This book covers a variety of nano subjects and areas as applied to the heart and circulatory system. There are state-of-the-art chapters on nanoparticles, nanowires, nanoscale topography, nanosensors, nanospheres, nanospin probes, nanomatrices and nanobubbles to name but a few topics. Their applications to cardiovascular disorders and their treatments are also described.

    General Methods and Applications
    Nanoparticle Contrast Agents for Cardiovascular Medical Imaging
    David P. Cormode, Ahmed Klink, Zahi A. Fayad and Willem J. M. Mulder
    Cell Sheet Nanotechnology: Engineering and Applications to Cardiology
    Yuji Haraguchi, Tatsuya Shimizu,Masayuki Yamato, Ross J. Hunter and Teruo Okano
    Nanowire Field-effect Transistors and their Applications to Cardiology
    Chia-Chang Tsai, Colin R. Martin,Yen-Bin Liu, Chien-Yuan Pan and Yit-Tsong Chen
    Atomic Force Microscopy and the Detection of Nanosized Blood Microparticles
    Y. Yuana, M.E. Kuil,T.H. Oosterkamp, R.M. Bertina and S. Osanto
    Nanobiotechnology Based Blood Substitutes and the Cardiovascular Systems in Transfusion Medicine:
    Thomas Ming Swi Chang
    Collagen Scaffolds and their Application to Cardiology—The Importance of Matrix Interactions and Nanoscale Topography
    Lynn Donlon and Daniel Frankel
    Cardiac Biomarker and Nano Wire Sensor Arrays
    Guo-Jun Zhang
    Electrical Recording from Cardiac Cells and Tissue using Nanowire Transistors
    Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Bozhi Tian and Charles M. Lieber
    Nanospheres and Applications to Cardiology. Multifunctionality: The Key of Future Success
    Andrea Masotti
    Nanomonitor Technology and its Applicability to Diagnosis of Cardiac Disease
    S. Prasad, M. Bothara, R.K. Reddy, Thomas Barrett and John Carruthers
    Nanospin Probes and Applications to Cardiology
    Valery V. Khramtsov and Denis A. Komarov
    Native Endothelium Mimicking Nanomatrices and Applications
    Adinarayana Andukuri, Chidinma P. Anakwenze, Bryan A. Blakeney and Ho-Wook Jun
    Nanofibre Based Vascular Grafts
    Sarra de Valence, Beat H. Walpoth and Michael Möller

    Focused areas, treatments and diseases
    Nanoparticle Processing of Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
    Toshiro Fukami, Toyofumi Suzuki, Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy and Kazuo Tomono
    Intratracheal Gene Transfer using Polyplex Nanomicelles and their Application to Cardiology
    Noriyuki Iwamoto and Mariko Hrada-Shiba
    Use of Microbubbles and Nanobubbles for Diagnostic Vascular Molecular Imaging and Therapeutic Applications
    Chih-Hsien Lee, Cheng-An J. Lin, Rajkumar Rajendram and Walter H. Chang
    Multifunctional Nanoagents for the Detection and Treatment of Thromboses
    S. Sibel Erdem and Jason R. McCarthy
    Biodegradable Nanofibers in Cardiovascular Medicine: Drug Delivery Application
    Masato Mutsuga, Aika Yamawaki-Ogata, Yuji Narita, Makoto Satake, Hiroaki Kaneko and Yuichi Ueda
    Europium Hydroxide Nanorods and Angiogenic Processes
    Chitta Ranjan Patra
    Iron Oxide Nano Particles and Cardiac Stem Cells
    K.W. Au, April M. Chow, Ed X. Wu and H.F. Tse
    Nitric Oxide from Nanoparticles and Applications to Cardiovascular Health
    Pedro Cabrales, Adam J. Friedman and Joel M. Friedman


    Ross J. Hunter, Victor R. Preedy