3rd Edition

Narrative Career Counselling From Theory to Practice in Diverse Cultures and Contexts

Edited By Mary McMahon, Peyman Abkhezr Copyright 2025
    344 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    344 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Both accessible and comprehensive, Narrative Career Counselling bridges the gap between theory and practice to allow a full understanding of the topic and allow confident implementation within professional settings.

    This new edition offers updated chapters showcasing an increased focus on diverse contexts and cultures. It brings together 32 high-profile international experts from 10 countries to share perspectives on theory and provide practical ideas about how to implement narrative career counselling. Fully updated to reflect changes in the field including the growth of narrative counselling, it:

    • provides a foundation for narrative career counselling by considering its philosophical and theoretical background
    • presents a range of approaches that demonstrate the integration of theory and practice
    • studies the application of narrative career counselling in a range of cultures and contexts
    • provides examples of practical application

    This resource is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn more about narrative career counselling including beginners to the field, experienced researchers, career counsellor educators, career counsellors and practitioners and students studying in this field.

    Part I: Narrative Career Counselling: Background
    1. Narrative Career Counselling: Foundations
    Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton

    2. The Narrative Lens in the Therapeutic Context: An Overview of Narrative Therapy
    Peyman Abkhezr

    3. Working with Storytellers: A Metaphor for Narrative Career Counselling
    Mary McMahon

    4. A Critique of Narrative Career Counselling
    Graham B. Stead and Ashley E. Poklar

    Part II: Approaches to Narrative Career Counselling                                                                      

    5. The Storied Approach
    Pamelia E. Brott

    6. A Story Telling Approach to Narrative Career Counselling: Application of the Systems Theory Framework of Career Development
    Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton

    7. SocioDynamic Career Counselling
    Timo Spangar and Anita Keskinen

    8. Dialogical Self: Co-Investigator in Career Self-Research
    Peter McIlveen and Michael Healy

    9. The Practice and Theory of Career Construction
    Paul J. Hartung and Sara Santilli

    10. Career Counselling as and About Goal-Directed Human Action
    Richard A. Young                                                                                             

    11. Careering Through a Complex and Changing World with the Chaos Theory of Careers
    Robert Pryor and Jim Bright                                                                                   

    12. Creativity and Narrative Career Counselling
    Debra S. Osborn and Barbara Parker-Bell

    13. Qualitative Career Assessment: Complementing Narrative Career Counselling
    Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton

    Part III: Narrative Career Counselling in Cultures and Contexts                          

    14. Career Constructivism and Culture: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Career Counselling Through a Narrative Paradigm
    Mark Watson

    15. Culture-Infused Career Counselling: Exploring Narratives for Context and Social Justice
    Nancy Arthur

    16. Contexts and Circumstances: The Cultural Preparedness Approach to Career Development
    Gideon Arulmani

    17. Implementing a Qualitative (Narrative) Approach in Cross-Cultural Career Counselling And Life Designing
    Kobus Maree and Maisha Molepo

    18. Narrative Career Counselling in Secondary Schools: Using Creative Processes and Technological Tools
    Kevin Glasheen

    19. Narrative Career Counselling: Online
    Jenny Bimrose

    20. Narrative Career Counselling with People Experiencing Disadvantage in South American Contexts
    Marcelo Afonso Ribeiro

    21. Narrative Career Counselling for Chinese Clients in Hong Kong: Cultural Inclusiveness and Practice Development
    Raysen Cheung, Dehui Ruth Zhou, and Ka Ho Tong

    22. Narrative Career Counselling and People with Refugee Backgrounds
    Peyman Abkhezr

    23. Affirmative Narrative Career Counselling with LGB and TGD Persons
    Franco Dispenza

    24. A Narrative Approach to Career Assessment with People with Vulnerabilities for an Inclusive and Sustainable Life Design
    Sara Santilli, Laura Nota, Salvatore Soresi, Maria Cristina Ginevra, and Denise Zucchini

    Part IV: Epilogue                                                                          

    25. Narrative Career Counselling: A Reflection and Territories to be Explored
    Peyman Abkhezr, Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton


    Mary McMahon is an Honorary Associate Professor at the School of Education, The University of Queensland, Australia.

    Peyman Abkhezr is a Lecturer at the School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia.