1st Edition

Narratives of Marginalized Identities in Higher Education Inside and Outside the Academy

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book features theorized narratives from academics who inhabit marginalized identity positions, including, among others, academics with non-normative genders, sexualities, and relationships; nontenured faculty; racial and ethnic minorities; scholars with HIV, depression and anxiety, and other disabilities; immigrants and international students; and poor and working-class faculty and students. The chapters in this volume explore the ways in which marginalized identities fundamentally shape and impact the academic experience; thus, the contributors in this collection demonstrate how academic outsiderism works both within the confines of their college or university systems, and a broader matrix of community, state, and international relations. With an emphasis on the inherent intersectionality of identity positions, this book addresses the broad matrix of ways academics navigate their particular locations as marginalized subjects.


    Santosh Khadka

    Joanna Davis-McElligatt

    Keith Dorwick

    Chapter 1:

    Out of Sight: Academic Otherness and the Paradox of Visibility

    Michael Borgstrom

    Chapter 2:

    Notes from the Dark Side: Scholars in Administration

    Bridgette Coble

    Sandra Mizumoto Posey

    Chapter 3:

    On Being the First Black Woman

    Joanna Davis-McElligatt

    Chapter 4:

    Breaking the Silence & Removing the Garb: Revelations from a Working-Class Academic

    Katelynn S. DeLuca

    Chapter 5:

    Othered Moods and Muses: Reflections on Rhetoric, Research, and the Mind

    Lauren DiPaula

    Chapter 6:

    Over It/Not Over It/Getting Over It: Checking White Male Privilege In the Midst of Otherness

    Keith Dorwick

    Chapter 7:

    The Racialised Knowledge Economy

    Fataneh Farahani

    Suruchi Thapar-Björkert

    Chapter 8:

    Strangers in a Strange Land

    Elena G. Garcia

    Ben G. Goodwin

    Chapter 9:

    To and for Whom Am I Speaking?: Reading and Teaching African American Literature Outside of the United States

    Kimiko Hiranuma

    Chapter 10:

    From the "Third World" to a Third World? Tales of a Nepalese Graduate Student in the USA

    Madhav Kafle

    Chapter 11:

    Worlds Apart: A Third World Academic’s Navigation of US Higher Education and Citizenship

    Santosh Khadka

    Chapter 12:

    An Academic Imposter from the Working-Class: Emotional Labor and First-Generation College Students

    Nancy Mack

    Chapter 13:

    An Academic from Behind the Iron Curtain

    Ligia A. Mihut

    Chapter 14:

    Living as The Other in Japan: A Joint Autoethnography of Two Expatriate Academics in The Academy

    Theron Muller

    John Adamson

    Chapter 15:

    Unclassifiable Outsiders: Eastern European Women, Transnational Whiteness, and Solidarity

    Voichita Nachescu

    Chapter 16:

    (In)visible Dis/abilities, Teaching Writing, and Affective Whiteness: Or, What Literally Floored Me Today

    Jenn Polish

    Chapter 17:

    A Mottled Minority: Asian American in the Whitening Academy

    John Streamas


    Eric Anthony Grollman


    Santosh Khadka is an Assistant Professor of English at California State University, Northridge, USA.

    Joanna Davis-McElligatt is an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.

    Keith Dorwick is a Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.