1st Edition

Natural Products Chemistry Sources, Separations and Structures

By Raymond Cooper, George Nicola Copyright 2015
    206 Pages 178 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    206 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Notoriously cumbersome to isolate and challenging to synthesize, the path of natural products to viable drugs is an arduous journey. Yet compounds isolated from nature may possess fascinating structures, biological profiles and pharmaceutical potential far greater than anything made by man. Natural Products Chemistry: Sources, Separations and Structures presents a practical guide to sourcing, isolating, and discovering new compounds from nature many of which become pharmaceutical drugs. This book emphasizes the challenges and advantages of products acquired from nature, compared to those obtained from combinatorial chemistry.

    A basic introduction, the book describes the whole cycle from farm to final compound, backed up by case studies drawn from industry and research applications. It broadens the scope of applications and draws upon examples from various sources. Natural products chemistry, as taught today, draws its examples mainly from marine chemistry or plant chemistry; however, there is also a fascinating and rich world of fermented (microbial and algal) products leading to complex structures. Thus, the book draws upon examples from the microbial world and from insects too. Therefore, this is a source of bioactive metabolites, not traditionally available in academic settings, more the mainstay of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Providing a roadmap of the process of collecting a compound from nature, isolating the active ingredient, and determining the chemical structure, this book provides a unique approach to the world of natural products.

    History of Natural Products

    Biological and Pharmacological Aspects

    Fractionation and Isolation

    Structure Elucidation
    X-ray crystallography
    Mass Spectrometry


    Chemical Synthesis
    Optimization for Mass Production and Manufacturing

    Medicinal Applications

    Integrating with System Biology
    Computational Chemistry

    Environmental Protection
    International Treaties

    Curation and Digitization
    Intellectual Property
    Licensing and Strategy


    Drs. Cooper and Nicola were introduced to each other by CRC Press editor Hilary Rowe during a natural products conference. Inspired to pursue his passion for natural products by his former high school chemistry teacher, Dr. Cooper credits his longevity in the field to the great people and teams he has had the good fortune and privilege of working with. He says that one of the most rewarding aspects of his work has been the satisfaction that comes from being part of a team that is able to bring new products of natural product origin to market.

    "Natural Products Chemistry is a great basic overview of pharmacognosy that will be useful for undergraduate classes or introductory graduate work in this field. The text is written in a straightforward and accessible manner, aptly lending itself to use both in classes and in labs. In this regard, the book accomplishes its goals of introducing the varied field of pharmacognosy and establishing the discipline as vibrant, diverse, and constantly applicable and necessary to human society. I certainly would recommend its use in universities, medical schools, and pharmacy programs."

    Amy C. Keller, PhD, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, Colorado, in HerbalGram


    "... a well-written and interesting look at the entirety of natural products chemistry.
    This text can certainly accomplish the goal of the authors, which is to encourage and inspire future generations of scientists to explore the world of natural products."

    Kevin J. Tidgewell, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the Journal of Natural Products, September 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acs.jnatprod.6b00816.